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First time out – Warwick Gold!
Reunited War relic – Bunya Mountains
Lost Treasures an August Article
Lost Treasures – On the Go?
Mystery Solved
Another article in June’s Gold, Gem and Treasure Magazine
Lost Treasures Article in Gold, Gem and Treasure Magazine
All you need is… Metal Detecting.
Buried Treasure – A Crowning Glory
Shipwreck Removal – Lost Treasures helps with SS Dicky!
12th Century coin dug up in Brisbane!
Hooked for Life!
New Store Now Open!
The Final Cut – Lost Treasures’ Celebrity footage!
R.I.P Charles Garrett
Lost Treasures featured on Channel 9
Detectors and the Nomadic lifestyle
Lost Treasures – Detecting with Celebrities!
No job is too hard.

A Lost Treasures Customer’s Gold Nuggets
Garden Goodness
Filming with Channel 7 – reporter loses her ring!
World War II Relics Found
Lost Treasures – helping fight crime!
More unburied treasure from the Queensland coast
Mysterious Symbol…
Recent Queensland Treasure finds!
Brisbane Metal Detecting Social Group
1850’s Workers Homestead
Another Lost Treasures’ Radio Interview!
Amazingly small targets!
Lost Treasures featured in That’s Life magazine!
Lost Treasures’ Media Blitz!
Gold Ahoy!
Beach Hunting!
Lost Treasure is everywhere!
Metal Detector’s dream – worst erosion in 40 years!


First Time Out – Warwick Gold!

Lachie came in to show us the gold he found on his first trip out to Warwick with his new Minelab SDC metal detector. Along with his father and some guidance from our Lost Treasures goldfields trainer, Bruce, they also did some panning and sluicing on a couple of great days out.

They were both over to moon with what they found in only a few short hours! Keep up the great work Lachie and I hope you can pop in again soon with some more riches!


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Reunited War relic – Bunya Mountains

We had a nice little story sent in from one of our regular customers that we thought we’d share:
Metal Detecting an old saw mill site in the Bunya Mountains
The Bunya Mountains is situated about 200 kilometres northwest of Brisbane. It sits roughly half way between Dalby and Kingaroy.
During the late 1800s and into the early 1900s the timber industry in the Bunyas was in full swing. Just after WW1 the Queensland Government introduced a tax on standing trees. Can you believe this???? A property owner was taxed on the number of trees standing on their property. What a huge difference time makes when clearing any vegetation at all now can land you in court and a hefty fine.

So, the early 1920s saw a number of saw mills popping up all over and around the Bunya Mountains in order to process the large number of trees being felled. After doing a little research I found a saw mill site near the foot of the Bunyas which was on private property and looked like it might be a good place to metal detect. Permission was granted by the property owner and away I went metal detecting with my trusty AT pro in a cow paddock that showed few signs of what had been here 100 years ago. The first day netted some pennies and half pennies including one 1910 British Penny. Excited about my finds, I did some further research and managed to obtain a mud map of the small town which was attached to the saw mill. A couple of weeks later I am back finding coins and relics in the areas marked roughly on that map.

It was then decided that an area as rich as this in coins and relics needed more than just a random search. A two metre grid pattern search area was set up (see photos) in an area where 4 houses once stood. Lots of coins including a one shilling piece were dug up. Further relics which included a Boomerang Mouth Organ from the late 1920s, two Australian military buttons and one rising sun badge from the collar of an AMF uniform were also found. (See photos)

After notifying the property owner of my unusual finds as it turns out, the buttons and badge most likely belonged to his great Uncle, who had worked at the saw mill and lived in one of the houses at the end of WW2. There were 26 houses attached to the saw mill and the house site that I was searching that day, happened to be the exact one his great Uncle had lived in !!! . How lucky was that ???

Why the buttons and badge were lost can only be speculated at this stage.

Thanks to the team at Lost Treasures and my trusty AT Pro some very important family heirlooms have been returned to their relatives.

Peter Taylor
Bunya Mountains Natural History Association.


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Lost Treasures an August Article

Lost Treasures is becoming a regular columnist in Australian Gold, Gem and Treasure magazine. This time in the latest August edition.




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Lost Treasures – On the Go?

A friend/customer messaged us very early this morning, apparently there was a group of guys outside our Lost Treasures shop at 4 am this morning, he was a little concerned so he went over and asked what they were doing. Pokemon Go. We were relieved but 4am… come on guys!


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Mysterious Pendant Solved!

Mystery Solved! Back in May 2014 a friend brought in a very strange pendant (now in our display cabinet) and it had both of us scratching our heads and others could not work out the bizarre symbols and thought it might have been something to do with a cult or masonic imagery as another pendant was also found down in NSW. (see our May 14 article here)

Well a customer just solved the case, it’s the satanic symbol of “Purson”, the Great King of Hell, one of the “Demons of the Goetia”. He is served and obeyed by twenty-two legions of demons. “He knoweth all things hidden, and can discover Treasure”, how fitting! With the pendant now in our shop, we certainly hope he can help us and our customers with this, but nothing else thank you demon!

Purson – Wiki
Demonic Symbols




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A Lost Treasures recovery article is in this month’s Gold Gem and Treasure magazine

We are happy to announce that Lost Treasures now has a regular recovery column in Gold Gem and Treasure magazine, so please stay posted!

Full .pdf download here


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Lost Treasures in the latest Gold Gem and Treasure Magazine!

We are very proud to have the Lost Treasures story published in the 2015 Gold Gem and Treasure Yearbook.

Full .pdf download here





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All you need is… Metal Detecting.

Matthew wanted to share some of the finds from his first few digs with his new Teknetics Eurotek Pro metal detector. He has fallen in love with the hobby and has done remarkably well already. 4 pennies, a pressed penny from Albert Dock Liverpool (The Beatles Story), 1966 2 cent coin that looks like someone has started to forge a ring out of and a nice gold ring from the beach. Keep on digging Matthew!


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Buried Treasure – A Crowning Glory

We had a customer come in today that recently bought a Minelab 705 metal detector off us. In a nearby park, about a foot down he found a degraded pouch with 3 old shillings, 2 florins and this real gem that he brought in to show us.

This is a silver 1937 Australian full Crown, minted for only 2 years before the war effort needed the metal. A rare find and in amazing condition (the pouch helped to protect it for all these years). Thank you for showing Lost Treasures your coin Martin. We hope you left some buried treasure behind for us!



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Shipwreck – Lost Treasures helps with the removal of SS Dicky

A few months ago Lost Treasures had the pleasure (and we must admit a little sadness at the same time) with helping Cosmos Archaeology to remove the most famous shipwreck on the Sunshine Coast, namely the SS Dicky. This iconic wreck was a tourist favourite for many years, but sadly as time went on and with continual erosion it had become more and more dangerous for walkers and swimmers.

We supplied Minelab submersible metal detectors so the archaeology team could map out parts of the wreck under the sand so that it could then be removed safely. The main aim was to find the edge of the wreck (the array of flags all indicated metal detector signals that were above the now mainly buried vessel) as well as any random targets of fallen wreckage off the sides of the ship.

Once the excavation and removal was completed, what remained of SS Dicky would then be taken away, hopefully to become part of a memorial in nearby gardens. It will allow this interesting icon of Australian maritime history to live on for future generations to enjoy.






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Oldest dug coin in Brisbane?!

A good customer brought in to the Lost Treasures store an Edward 1st hammered coin (1279-1307). Darren Hogarth found it this morning in an undisclosed Brisbane location – taken to Global Coins in Clayfield and confirmed it is authentic. Such a rare find in Australian soil. This takes pre-decimals to the next level, we just have to fill in the 600 year gap!

If anyone has dug an older coin please let us know!




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Hooked for life!

We just thought we’d share a nice review and photo we received from a recent customer, it really sums up what this hobby is all about. Look how happy he is!

Dear lost treasures,

Recently my 6 year old son and I visited your shop and purchased a Minelab GoFind20 with his birthday money he had saved.

I wanted to write to thank you for your advice and give you a positive review because I was impressed with your service and the device we purchased. The detector suits him perfectly and can also be used by adults. This was my major worry about purchasing something that suited him (which you cannot tell from buying online).

It’s great to know there is a reputable seller locally and that prices for these units are comparable to other distribution outlets.

Please see the attached photo of Mr 6yr Old and his first real find at the park, which was a $2 coin. No gold nuggets or diamond rings yet but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Thank you once again and look forward to dropping in again soon.

Kind regards,


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New Store Now Open!

We are very pleased to announce that the new Lost Treasures store is now open! It can be found at 821 Stafford Road, Everton Park, Brisbane, Queensland, 4053. Pop on in if you’re around the area. Open Mon-Fri 9-5pm, Sat 9-4pm. We hope to see you some time!

Founder of Garrett Metal Detectors

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The Final Cut – Lost Treasures’ Celebrity footage!

Lost Treasures has been sent the ‘Final Cut’ of what was aired on Prime Time television in Asia. We love the cheesy clips and wish we could all be serenaded while we swing our machines!

Some of you may remember that Lost Treasures was recently asked to help supply machines and train 4 Hong Kong film and pop celebrities in metal detecting for a TV spot being filmed for Hong Kong’s TVB channel (largest in the country with 81% dominating market share). They wanted to film Pop and Film celebrities metal detecting on a Gold Coast beach. The celebrities were:

Tam Wing Lun
Chan Pak Cheung
Pang Kuen Sun
Gu Aining

This is the result and the segment aired in prime time and aimed to promote Queensland’s beautiful beaches and the fun activities you can do while on vacation – namely metal detecting!


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R.I.P Charles Garrett

It is with great sadness that we share the news that the founder of Garrett Metal Detectors, Charles L. Garrett, passed away peacefully and of natural causes early this morning, April 3, 2015. (US Time)

Since he and his wife Eleanor founded Garrett Electronics in 1964, their original garage business has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detection equipment. He will be dearly missed by many, but his legacy will endure.

Founder of Garrett Metal Detectors

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Channel 9 News and Today show!

After posting a Youtube video showing Lost Treasures returning a lost wedding ring to a very worried couple (Monica and Parsa) I suddenly got a flurry of phone calls from Channel 9. They loved the happy story and wanted to feature it on the evening news that night. I then got another call from the Today show saying they also wanted an interview all of us for their show the next day.

I was elated that the media found the video and wanted to share the feelgood story. So after excitedly watching our story on the news that night I got an early sleep because I had to be up at 5am to get down to Coolangatta for the morning interview. It was a great experience and to meet the happy couple again. Parsa didn’t have the ring on him, it was already at the jeweller getting resized! Everything went well and they also enjoyed the momentary spotlight. Hopefully Lost Treasures can put a few more happy reunion videos on its Youtube channel in the months to come. The Lost Treasures Youtube channel can be found here.

Channel 9 news and Today show footage of the recovery below.

Today Show


Original extended video


I also managed to slip away after the interview with my father for a detect on the Gold Coast and quite a few more rings were found (see below).


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Metal Detectors and the Nomadic Lifestyle

After meeting customers Vic and his wife Deanna it really hit home just how great this hobby is for the traveller or for anyone that simply likes getting ‘out there’. Vic and Deanna were coming over to buy a few top end metal detectors for their upcoming trip around Australia in June. I was very intrigued when I saw him driving up the road in one of the most amazing vehicles I have ever seen. A $300,000 top of the line recreational vehicle. This thing had it all, the amount of gadgets and mod-cons they can pack in has to be seen to be believed (including a roof full of solar panels) and plenty of space to carry the now 3 brand new detectors they purchased of course! They certainly had all their bases covered for the big trip.

Personally, I have always got at least one metal detector in the back of my car just-in-case. You never know where you might be when you’re in need of it. It’s now simply one of the (larger) tools in my tool box, always handy to have close by. The amount of times I’ve been away when it has been needed, whether someone has lost an item, or I’ve come across a new beach or historical site that is in desperate need of a ‘clean up’. I now never leave home without one!

I wish Vic and Deanna all the best on their journey around Oz and they promised me to keep me informed on all the treasure and gold they find on the way.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandVic and his wife in The Beast, their $300,000 RV full with 3 new detectors – XP DEUS, Garrett ATX and Minelab CTX 3030, ready for their trip around Oz

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December 2014 – Lost Treasures films detecting with Jpop star & Hong Kong Celebrities on the Gold Coast for TV.

Lost Treasures was recently asked to help in a TV spot being filmed for Hong Kong’s TVB channel (largest in the country with 81% dominating market share). They wanted to film J-Pop and TV celebrities metal detecting on a Gold Coast beach. This segment will air at prime time and aims to promote Queensland’s beautiful beaches and the fun activities you can do while on vacation – namely metal detecting!

Lost Treasures provided the detectors, the training and guidance throughout all of the filming. The stars and TV crew were extremely happy after everyone managed to find a few coins, sinkers and even some jewellery, getting it all on film! The TV promotion will be seen by millions of people and will hopefully put the Gold Coast (and metal detecting) back on Asia’s tourism map. The metal detectors used in filming were the Teknetics G2, Tesoro Compadre and Tesoro Silver Umax.

A special thanks to colleague and friend Craig Brady (a Gold Coast lost item recovery metal detectorist – website: here).

We will provide a link to the segment once it airs in Hong Kong in the not too distant future! Watch all the action of the filming below:

Channel TVB filming with Lost Treasures








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October 2014 – No job is too hard for Lost Treasures

Whatever you have lost, wherever it might be, Lost Treasures will do all it can to get the item back to you. Whether it be a lost ring deep under water, a missing pipe or container far under ground or just something missing in a hard to get to place we’ll have the right gear to get the job done.

Lost Treasures has scuba and diving equipment as well as access to the latest Ground Penetrating Radar units which can read below the ground to 10 meters! With a “Go Anywhere” attitude we are the best chance of getting whatever you have lost back to you. Contact us today!


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September 2014 – A Lost Treasures Customer’s Gold Nuggets

I just received a couple of pictures from a very happy customer. Hank bought a Teknetics G2 off me a few weeks ago and has already hit the gold. These nice rugged little nuggets were found not too far from Perth. The left piece is 1.8g and the right 1.4g.

His machine is already paying for itself and I have no doubt he’ll have it completely paid off in no time at all. He said he is really getting to know his detector now and can read the subtle tone variations much more accurately.

Hank said he’ll send some more photos as his nugget collection grows. Lost Treasures will keep you posted on his future success!



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September 2014 – Garden Goodness

It is amazing what history lies within a few meters of your front or back door. Over the decades a normal garden bed or lawn seems to collect a very representative collection of items for its age. This time I had a chance to detect a small front lawn of a 1940’s house which had been untouched since it had first been built. This lawn was only 3.5 meters by 5 meters, but contained a very interesting assortment of metal objects. I also managed to detect under the front steps, which is normally another find-rich area always worth investigating.

From the usual pre-decimal silver and copper coins, to a lead soldier and donkey, to a very old and ornate brooch, you just never know what is a few inches under the soil. With the correct digging techniques you wouldn’t even know you had been there.



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July 2014 – Filming with Channel 7 – reporter loses her ring!

We recently filmed a TV spot with Channel 7 – they were very interested in what I do and how I return valuable lost items to people. One case they were particularly focused on was when I returned Adlyn’s uninsured $20000 engagement ring back to her. You can read the full account (03-01-13 Adlyn from Windsor, Brisbane) here.

The news crew decided to give me a test – the reporter wanted to hide her engagement ring somewhere in the grass while I wasn’t looking and then they would time me to see how long it took me to find it again. Ironically once she had hidden it she actually couldn’t find it again! She was panicking. Watch below to see the event and some more filming on that day.

Channel 7 filming with Lost Treasures



The crew wanted to film some of the many different items I have found over the years, including around 200 rings!


The 2 brand new salt water aquariums were purchased because I found Adlyn’s ring (rather than having to spend it on a replacement!)

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June 2014 – World War II Relics Found

There is a lot of history around, you just have to do a bit of research, or know the right people to find it. I’ve made friends with people through the Brisbane Social Facebook Group (you can join here) and have already been to some great locations because of these new connections. One of the places I’ve been to twice in the last few months is a local military camp. This is where thousands of Australian World War II soldiers were stationed, along with 40,000 American troops.

It was a great day, a helmet, 9mm bullet cache, badges, trench art, buttons and bottles were all given the light of day once more, 70 years after they were lost. It’s wonderful to dig up these artifacts and get a sense of what these men were going through all those many years ago. This hobby gives back in so many ways.

Video of the latest expedition and some amazing finds

A helmet, bottles, buttons and other artifacts all came out of a single hole. All-Metal Mode found this hoard!

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandA 9mm bullet cache found in one single hole, material still stuck to some of the bullets – probably wrapped up in part of a shirt or pouch and buried/dropped.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandA Rising Sun collar badge, one of 2 found, the other a larger hat badge seen in the image above.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandAmerican 12 star buttons – the 12 stars pertaining to the 12 original States that eventually turned into 50.

4 1940’s American coke bottles looking as new as the day they were made came out of the helmet hole.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandTrench Art. An Australian soldier would have carved this out of a penny perhaps as good luck or something to pass the time in the field. A true glimpse in to the every day lives of these courageous men.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandMore American soldier 12 star buttons – another connection to the distant past. The 12 original United States.

Metal-Detector-Treasure-QueenslandDigging up amazing finds out in beautiful nature, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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June 2014 – Lost Treasures – fighting crime since 2014

Metal-Detector-police-Queensland Lost Treasures has the honour of now supplying the Queensland Forensic Police Force. They are updating all their old metal detectors to new Bounty Hunter machines. As you may or may not know, metal detectors are a vital component to the force, constantly being used to find metallic evidence at crime scenes (bullets, knives, firearms, dropped personal items).

We are now the go to shop for their upgrades and are happy to help out in whatever way we can.

One Sergeant had these nice word to say:

Thank you for your professional and courteous service, we required bounty hunter detectors and they were delivered expediently and well within our required time frame.

Sgt Ritchie Callaghan Cleveland Forensics Section.

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May 2014 – More unburied treasure from the Queensland coast

Last weekend’s coast metal detecting trip haul – 6 rings (including an 18ct and 9ct and some diamonds), earrings (including a nice diamond), pendants, badges, over 100 coins. It’s always a satisfying feeling when you come back from a trip and realise how much you actually found – items that would never have seen the light of day.

Perhaps metal detectorists could be paid by the council to clean up the beaches around Australia (we can only dream). We have found bucketloads of bottle tops and ring pulls, nails and corroding junk. We also should get a carbon offset rebate for all our recycling work…



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May 2014 – Mysterious Symbol

This mysterious metal pendant was dug up recently. The pattern could not be identified through Google images (I even isolated the pattern in photoshop and still no luck!) …it does look Masonic… does anyone have any ideas? Please contact us if you do!

A second one has been turned up in another part of Australia (image 3)… the mystery intensifies!




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May 2014 – Recent Queensland Treasure finds!

It’s always great to get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days with your trusty machine. Here are the finds from a Queensland Coast 3 day metal detector trip we did a few weeks ago. 253 coins, 12 rings, 10 earrings, 3 pendants, 3 bracelets, 3 pairs of sunglasses. We even found a World War II bullet. Buried treasure is everywhere!




metal detector finds

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April 2014 – New Brisbane Metal Detecting Social Group

Brisbane Metal Detecting Facebook Social Group

After seeing the success of the Sydney Metal Detecting Club group page on Facebook, I have decided to create something similar. Currently there is nowhere where like minded Brisbane detectorists can organise meet ups, detecting sessions, share finds and talk about anything and everything to do with this great hobby.

The Sydney group are constantly meeting up for detects every week (both night and day sessions) and are always sharing their interesting finds. Even though they have also only just started there is already a real sense of community. Through all the people I’ve met in and around Brisbane, whether it be recovering their lost items or selling them a machine, I know there are a lot of passionate Brisbane detectorists out there. It’s time to get together, to chat and have some fun.

Detecting can be often more rewarding when done with friends!

Also for Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas!

Join here today >>

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January 2014 – 1850’s Worker’s Homestead

Mark, one of my recent customers told me that he knew a friend that lived on a large property that had an untouched 1850’s worker’s homestead standing on it. It had not been lived in for at least 16 years and Mark asked whether I’d like to join him on a detect around the property. From the owner’s knowledge it had never had any metal detectorists over the area. Of course my answer was a resounding Yes – I’m always up for swinging over virgin historical ground!

We arrived early in the morning so we could get as much detecting in before the intense summer heat would make it unbearable. It wasn’t long before our machines started lighting up with a hit almost every foot of ground, not surprising really, with over 180 years of living going on right under our feet. We found a lot of lead head nails, in fact we probably dug close to 30 of them. Lots of old tools, bolts as well as the usual suspects of ally and screw caps also turning up. I did get the odd nice find, including a 1944 penny and a very ornate women’s brooch (see below).

Sadly the heat became too much and we called it a day after a few hours. It was a great morning out and we’ll definitely be back in the very near future as there is so much more history to still dig up. Here’s to more treasure!

1850s ahoy!!

1850s ahoy!!

Oldness ahoy!!

metal detector finds

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November/December 2013 – Another Lost Treasures’ Radio Interview!

Our business continues to grow, so much so that even Victorians are interested in what we are doing. This time Lost Treasures’ Justin Millman was interviewed for Melbourne’s Vision Radio.

Vision Radio FM

To hear more Lost Treasures radio interviews click here

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October 2013 – Amazingly small targets!

I was recently called out on a job where I had to find small shards of metal that had been sheared off the sides of an aluminium pot by a mixing blade and in to the food it contained (full story on testimonial page here).

I decided to use my most sensitive machine, my Fisher F75 as I knew this would be able to find the smallest targets. I never knew just how small. I was completely blown away by what happened next. The size of the targets it was picking up was mind blowing. As you can see in the pictures, we are talking 1mm pieces of metal! My clients and I could not believe what would register on this beast of a machine.

This proves that the F75 (along with the very similar and newer Teknetics T2) is the ultimate gold machine. Nuggets have nowhere to hide.



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September 2013 – Lost Treasures featured in the latest edition of That’s Life magazine!

Lost Treasures in That's Life magazine!

Full article here (.pdf 5mb).

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August 2013 – Lost Treasures’ Media Blitz!

Featured in The Courier Mail / The Australian / Quest News and! Full article here (.pdf 6mb). We also conducted 3 radio interviews which can be listened to here:

96.5 Family FM – Radio Interview

Juice 107.3 FM – Radio Interview

612 ABC – Radio Interview

We will also be on Today Tonight in the next few weeks, we will certainly keep you posted!

Lost Treasures in the news!
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July 2013 – Gold Ahoy!

Nothing puts a smile on your face more than seeing that shimmering flash of gold at the bottom of your hole. There is something about gold that has tantalised humans for millennia. There is nothing better. In all my years, little gets the adrenalin going quite like finding the most precious of all metals, gold.

Below are some of the gold items found over the years, from parks to beaches, shallow water and even the back yard. All detectors can find gold but only the top machines can detect it in all soil types. If you plan on hitting the gold fields for nuggets, make sure you ask us about which machines can handle the highly mineralised areas Australian gold is often found in.

The easiest way to find gold is just to swing around popular areas and grab yourself a lost ring or necklace. Give something beautiful a second chance to shine. It really is magical stuff.

Gold ahoy!!

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June 2013 – Beach Hunting!

The haul below was a recent long weekend beach hunting up at the Sunshine Coast. We were pretty pleased with the amount of rings found, 9 in total (rings are always a nice surprise!).

Beaches are a great place to take your trusty machine, especially for beginners as sand is one of the easiest substrates to dig in. Most metal detectors will tolerate dry sand but be wary though, not all machines will work in wet, salty sand. Due to the higher mineralisation of wet salty sand, some machines will go “crazy” constantly giving out strange/false signals.

If you think you’ll be doing a lot of beach hunting before you buy a new machine ask us what detectors work on wet sand.

Treasure awaits! Good luck out there!

Beach Hunter's Bling!!

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May 2013 – Lost Treasure is everywhere!

You don’t have to go far to find old relics and interesting artifacts. Just do a bit of digging (pun intended) and find out where old homesteads or camps were. Below is what we found at a local homestead not far from us in a little over an hour! We were stoked to find an 1885 British penny in amazing condition, a 1916 silver Shilling, 1943 and and 1945 Australian pennies.

Also a very ornate brooch which looked to still have some fine gold plating on it. It’s amazing what you can find a few inches below the ground. all you need it your trusty metal detector, a pick/shovel and some patience. It’s a wonderful hobby metal detecting and a great way of making sure these old relics get a second life! If you already have a machine get out there. If not, you know what to do.

Old homesteads, A metal detector's treasure trove!

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March 2013 – Metal Detector’s dream – worst erosion in 40 years!

With unprecedented weather over the past few months, Queensland and New South Wales beaches have experienced the worst erosion for 40 years. Many beaches have 2-3m cliffs where sand used to be. This means that current beach levels can go back decades and offer a treasure trove of old goodies just below the surface.

Beach Erosion on Gold Coast, A metal detector's dream!

It has never been such a good time to get out there an have a swing on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and northern NSW. In just a couple of sessions, using our trusty Fisher and Mine Lab metal detectors we found over 100 coins and other interesting pieces, including a couple of rings and pendants. Silver florins, threepence, half pennies, shillings and the regular 1c and 2c coins aplenty. At one point we were finding a coin every 2 minutes.

Some metal detector finds from the Gold Coast and Sunshine coast

Get out there and get yourself some historical treasure before the oceans cover them over with sand again!

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