A select few testimonials from our happy customers!

Moreton Island Madness! 17-01-16


Tom called me up to say his wife, Christie had lost her rings on Moreton Island near the famous shipwrecks at Tangalooma. She had taken her rings off and popped them inside her bikini top for safe keeping, but had forgotten they were there. She then played with her child on the beach and walked to the sea to wash them off. When she got back to the 4wd it was then she noticed they were gone! She had her engagement, wedding and eternity ring joined together so it was a heartbreaking loss of 3 rings in 1. Not only that, but they had been married for over 13 years!

They also had not been able to renew their insurance over the Christmas period, so there was a very high chance of the very valuable rings not being covered.

I could only come out a week later, but I was still hopeful of a recovery. Obviously if the rings were lost in the water they would be a lot more difficult to find. So I met them for the 8:30am ferry over to Moreton Island. It’s a beautiful place, and I have spent many days snorkelling around the wrecks, feeding dolphins and of course detecting!

We walked to the area where her car had been parked on the beach. Luckily Christie had taken a photo of the car so we could match it up with certain trees in the background for a direct line of where she walked the week before. I drew a line in the sand down to the ocean, and set up Tom up to help me detect along this path. We decided to do the ocean area first as the tide was coming in fast. I told Christie to stand exactly where she thought she had washed her child. It was just off the edge of the waves, where I marked a large X. I told Tom to come over and swing directly over the spot. Almost instantly he looked up at me puzzled as a very strong signal immediately blasted out of the headset. I looked at him in disbelief, for within seconds he had started digging and low and behold just a few inches down, there they were, the most amazing set of diamond rings I have ever seen, sparkling away in the sunlight! Absolutely Amazing. I could not believe it, they could not believe it. Christie screamed with delight and we all took a huge sigh of relief. The ring just wanted to be found that day. Christie and Tom were so ecstatic and told me that the rest of the day over there was for me!

It was one recovery job I will never forget, and I can’t think of two nicer people to be reunited with their lost treasure.

Please watch below to see the moment the rings were found!





60 year old rings returned!! 03-12-15


92 year old Doris threw a tissue in to the bushes one night when she was getting out of her daughter’s car, but the tissue wasn’t the only thing to leave to her hand. Both her wedding and engagement rings also disappeared in to the darkness, rings she had been wearing for over 60 years! Her husband had only died a few months before and so they had more than priceless meaning to her.

Doris was suffering from dementia and so they weren’t sure just how many rings had come off. I was determined to find as many as I could, especially the two most important rings of them all.

When I arrived I was met by her daughter Carol who re-enacted what had happened that night. The bushes were extremely thick, but that hopefully meant they hadn’t gone too far. I instantly started fanning the bushes with my detector before getting on my knees and sweeping the undergrowth. I quickly got a very nice signal that read in the perfect 9 carat range, but it was difficult to navigate to under the very dense bush and vines, so I got Carol to walk around to the other side to try to find what was beeping under my coil. Success! Doris’ 60 year old wedding ring was there deep in the leaves.

Now on to the engagement ring. I joined Carol around the other side of the bushes and started to poke and sweep in all the nooks and crannies. After a few false signals, yet another perfect 9 carat signal… there again under the leaves was a beautiful antique engagement ring! Carol was over the moon.

We went inside to surprise Doris, who had all but given up hope. When she saw them both, her mouth completely dropped. She was momentarily stunned before coming around to give me the biggest hug imaginable. She said “I think you’re a lost treasure yourself”, I laughed. What a sweet lady Doris was, I’m so glad she can now relax and enjoy life once more.


Watch the video below to see Doris reunited with her antique rings!



A Gold Coast Double! 01-11-15

Hassim called me to say his wife had lost both her wedding and engagement rings underwater at Currumbin a couple of days ago. She was swimming around with her kids when she felt a dreaded slipping feeling before they disappeared into the abyss. They were completely devastated and had tried and tried to find them, but the water was too deep and murky.

I timed it so I would come down an hour before dead low tide to give myself the best possible chance. Hassim and his family could not make it at that time and so sent me the GPS coordinates for the area where they thought the rings had slipped off. Unfortunately there were a lot of fishermen there with their lines in when I arrived. I had to navigate them, hoping they would soon move on so I could do more of the beach around the coordinates. I had completed most of the detectable areas before the sand dropped steeply off and I was hoping they hadn’t disappeared in to the deep forever.

Finally the fishermen left, so I quickly went along the new area. There were yabby pump holes everywhere and I was concerned someone had already sucked them up for a very happy surprise. After a few coins (including a very old 2c piece) and the odd bottle top, a nice tone rung out and my heart jumped a little, I dug around and felt the unmistakable feel of a ring between my fingers – her wedding ring was safe! Then less than a foot away another target, it was her engagement ring.

I met Hassim on the beach and he was amazed, his wife was sure I wouldn’t find them. Well we had a surprise for her! Watch the video below to see when she is reunited with her wedding and engagement rings.




Tragic car crash, victim’s lost ring found at scene, returned to grieving family 01-08-15

This was one of the hardest call outs I’ve ever had to respond to. A young woman was tragically killed in a car crash. The car had lost control at speed and rolled over numerous times during which her ring had come off her hand. After such a devastating event her family desperately wanted to find this ring and keep it as a memory of her life. The ring had been given to her by her father when she was 21. He sadly passed away shortly after and so it had never left her finger in the 9 years since that birthday. This ring meant everything to her family and her ex-boyfriend Zanda. I would do everything I could to find it and get it back to them.

I travelled out to the scene and met up with Zanda, who took me to where the tragedy had occurred. He had a forensic police map showing exactly what had happened. We followed the gouge marks and estimated the different roll points. I had brought an array of different metal detectors so Zanda and his father could also help in the search, as the crash zone was quite vast.

The victim had also lost 2 earrings during the event and the family also wanted them returned. While examining the area where the car had come to finally rest I noticed a different glint amongst the glass and debris field, there was one of her earrings! I handed it to Zanda who was amazed at how quickly it had been found, we had high hopes that the ring wouldn’t be too far away either. It was such a sombre moment, holding something of hers she was wearing up until she passed, but we pressed on.

We split up in to quadrants, each doing a different area. Sad reminders of what had happened that fateful night were all around us, broken sunglasses, a shoe and other heart wrenching items. It was a very emotional scene for everyone involved. I could only imagine what Zanda and her family were going through.

We searched for 4 hours, covering every inch of soil and grass from where the car first left the road. Still no luck. We were not going to give up. We were all prepared to search for days if we needed to. I must have bent down close to 300 times with my pin pointer, each time hoping to see the gem covered golden ring but it was disappointment every time. We continued to widen and widen our search area.

But just as our legs were starting to cramp – a scream from Zanda – I immediately rushed over to see him crouching over, overcome with emotion. His father hugging him as Zanda broke down. He had found it. I’ve never seen something so moving, the relief, joy and sadness all wrapped together. It was so poetic that Zanda was the one to find her ring, it meant the world to him – knowing how much it she cherished it and that it had not left her finger in almost 10 years.

It had come to lie a good 20 meters past the outer perimeter of our search area. We were all completely amazed at how far it had travelled from where the car had finally come to rest. It must have come off at the top of one of the rolls to get an optimal trajectory to make it such a huge distance, bouncing and rolling off the gravel to where now Zanda stood, still shaking from the discovery.

It was a recovery job and a day I will never ever forget. I can only hope it brings a small amount of joy back to a devastated family. They can never get her back, but the ring will make sure her most precious possession lives on with them forever.

Please watch the amazing moment when Zanda found the ring:



In the nick of time! 03-05-15

Tony lost his wedding ring just after the new year while throwing garden litter in his back garden. He had searched and searched but never managed to find it. His house was on the market and as the months passed and interest in the house grew he started to worry that he might have to leave the ring behind when it sold. Well his house had now sold and it was only a few days before the new owners moved in. This was the last chance he’d have of ever getting it back. It was now or never!

Out I came with my trusty machines in tow. Tony re-enacted what happened on that fateful day. He was sure he heard it hit a rock after it came off his finger and so I started detecting around the immediate vicinity where rocks lined the path. Nothing. I went further afield and thoroughly checked the clumps of Lomandra which as experience has shown are amazing ring traps!

Tony wanted me to give up, but as numerous times in the past had shown it was the extra 10 minutes you put in that makes all the difference. I knew getting too close to the galvanised shed was pointless, but I wanted to get as close to it as possible because I knew it was smack bang in the middle of the wedding ring flight path. The shed sent the machine crazy, but right on the edge of detection range I thought I heard a very slight tone separation. I checked and rechecked and definitely heard a very short gap between two different signals. I brushed the leaves aside and there in all its glory was Tony’s lost wedding band!

Tony as you can imagine was very relieved as had it not been for the extra 10 minutes of searching, it would have been lost forever. After 5 long months of worry, Tony shook my hand and knew that he could finally say a proper goodbye to his old house and not look back. I wish Tony and his family all the best in their new abode.


Sold in Peace!

Please watch the recovery below:



The Argument! 02-04-15

Belinda got in to an argument with her “hot blooded Italian” husband a few nights before and threw her ring on the ground. He picked it up and flung it out the open front door in anger, the engagement ring flying in to the night. She swore she heard it hit something in the front yard on the way out, possibly a pot plant or bush.
Once things had calmed down, she and her husband searched and searched all over the garden but it was sadly nowhere to be found. Belinda was worried that if it somehow made it over the fence to a very busy main road it would have been found and lost forever.

I initially started searching near some large bushes in front of the door the ring had come out of. I had to use the little pin pointer to get deep in to all the nooks and crannies, but it fell silent. I then tried the lawn, surprisingly finding a lot of new American coins (they had just returned from a holiday over there). Further and further back I went, around trees and then finally to the patio. Almost instantly a very crisp strong signal shot out. I lifted a couple of leaves and there lay a beautiful diamond engagement ring! I called out to Belinda, she was completely over the moon (see the video below!). As always I’m left amazed at how far things can travel.

Belinda said she was unbelievably stressed because not only had this happened in the middle of exams and marking assignments (she taught at the University of Queensland) but also trying to sell the house they were currently in. They would have to of left the ring behind if it couldn’t be found. She said now it was back on her finger she could finally concentrate and get back to the rest of her busy life.

Please watch Belinda’s reaction when her engagement ring is returned:



No Horse Play! 19-02-15

Alyce was walking on her friend’s property after riding a horse around some very picturesque acreage at Mt. Cotton which backed on to the famous Sirromet winery. It was dark when she strolled about 70 meters to padlock the gate. It wasn’t until she got back to the car that she noticed her engagement ring was missing! She had put it in the centre console of her car with her keys as she never ever rode horses with it on. As she got out of the car she must have accidentally picked it up along with the keys before heading down to the gate. She and her friend Colette looked for hours with torches in the grass but sadly with no luck.

I received a very late panicked call from Colette asking for my services. I came out first thing the next day. Alyce re-enacted the scene (see the video below) and took me out to where her car had been parked the night before. I started my search from where she would have opened the car door and slowly and methodically worked a grid to make sure I detected the target area completely. As usual, in wide open areas I used my large 18” coil for as much coverage as possible. After about 15 signals, all proving too deep or just scrap metal, I started to think the ring might have been closer to the gate she had padlocked. I was on one of my last sweeps of the area when my machine screamed the perfect signal. There tucked under the grass I could see the faintest little shine. I knew I had it! I beckoned Alyce over – she was ecstatic! Colette too screamed with joy and I received some very relieved hugs.

Alyce told me that ironically her husband of 3 years had not initially wanted to get engaged as he was concerned she might lose the ring! She had not told him the ring was lost, but said she would own up to it now it was safely back on her finger – where it belonged!

Please watch the recovery of Alyce’s engagement ring below.

lost ring brisbane



Honeymoon Saved! 10-02-15

Felipe and his new wife Francesca were on their honeymoon on the Gold Coast all the way out from Spain. They were swimming in a sandy lagoon at their hotel when he jokingly shook his hand to show her that his ring was loose because he has lost some weight. Now on a wet finger the ring also wanted to show off by making a dash to freedom. Almost in slow motion Felipe saw the hand crafted ring slide off his finger in to the water below. For hours and hours they tried to find it in the sand, even getting the hotel pool staff to have a look. Running their fingers endlessly through the soft white sand sadly produced nothing. In to the night they continued, with hotel patrons also lending a hand when they could, still to no avail.

I received a frantic call late that night. I told Felipe I’d be down first thing in the morning to help. I knew steel reinforced concrete pools were a nightmare for machines because of the long rods of metal that permeated throughout the cement. As I arrived I saw Francesca searching in the water, they had been looking since first light. I tested her wedding ring with my machine, beautiful 18ct white gold. I initially tried my underwater metal detector and found as I expected that it picked up the steel from well below the sand. I thought I would try my water-proof hand held pin pointer first as its range was small and this would hopefully not pick up the pesky reinforcing. I started working it in a 3 inch grid pattern within the target zone. It worked well until the sand became too shallow when it too would scream at the metal rods encased below. Back to my main machine, dropping its sensitivity and altering a few other settings I tested it on her ring again and again. Getting the dials just right I could finally hear the specific tonal response from her ring amongst all the muddled squeaks of the very annoying reinforcing.

A crowd had slowly started gathering, watching from the shore. Everybody knew what had happened and were also praying for a happy ending. With this now added pressure back in to the water I went! I had covered a lot of the sand, trying to hear for the exact matching tone from Francesca’s ring. After a lot of false hope, I was starting to worry that the ring just wasn’t to be recovered. I widened my search. As time went on, cold and fatigue started creeping in when all of a sudden a perfect tone amongst a noisy choir rung out. I excitedly dug my fingers under the coil and felt the unmistakable smooth surface of a ring. I knew I finally had it!

I wanted Felipe to bring the ring to the surface, so without telling the newlyweds, I ran and got my camera so I could film the final recovery. I told Felipe to have a feel under the coil. Perplexed and a little hopeful, he duck-dived under the water, coming back up with the biggest smile I have ever seen. They were both completely elated. Their honeymoon had been saved! With the crowd clapping and hugs all round Francesca and Felipe were finally reunited with the precious wedding band. It was so amazing to see their reactions and how much it meant to them. What a great recovery job this was and such a relief. I will never get tired of that feeling.

Please watch the video below to see the recovery and the wonderful reaction when Felipe and Francesca finally get their ring back!



26-01-15 Australia Day Tragedy

Duncan called me on the evening of Australia day to say his wife Natalie had lost both her wedding and engagement rings in neck deep water while swimming on Bribie Island. Natalie was taking both her rings off in the water to show her father, but while trying to remove them they slipped off in to the murky waters below. By some small miracle they found the engagement ring while duck diving with kid’s goggles within about 40 minutes after it was lost. A tiny section of the ring was just visible through the sand. Sadly the diamond encrusted white gold wedding ring could not be found. Natalie and Duncan had only been married since October, so this was completely devastating for them.

I came out the next morning on low tide so as to have the best chance of getting the ring back. I met the father of the bride, John who lived on Bribie at the location (Duncan and Natalie were at work). John was right next to Natalie when they were lost and thankfully took very good bearings of his surroundings. I began to swim out and told John to tell me to stop when he thought I had reached the exact spot.

Straight away my machine started going crazy, there were signals everywhere. A couple of ring pulls later I was a little concerned I’d have to dig up half of Bribie Island to recover this ring. It was the morning after Australia day celebrations, so I knew there would be a lot of “festive” junk in the water. But… there was nothing junky about my very next target – within about 5 minutes of getting in the water much to my surprise, out came the most beautiful diamond wedding band!
John was over the moon – he was on the phone to Duncan at the time and they wanted to keep it a secret from her and surprise her later that day.

I received a call from Natalie the next day to sincerely thank me for finding it for her, she never thought she’s see it again and said that John had popped in to her skin clinic (while she was with a client) and shook his head and said that sadly there was no luck in finding the ring. He then started to tear up as he pulled it out from behind his back to completely surprise her. They both started crying and Natalie said she could not contain her happiness. She said it’s the most wonderful service Lost Treasures provides and that she would email me a personal testimonial to show her appreciation.

I also received some very kind words on Facebook from her sister, who was also there when she lost the rings.

“Justin …. Today, this morning you changed my sisters life by finding her wedding ring in the surf! You are amazing. It is a story no one will believe. Thank you, Mel”

Natalie also wanted to send some kinds words about the event:

“After breaking down on the phone to my mum that night after loosing my ring she started googling metal detecting people and came across your website. She read your reviews and was amazed at what she was reading. Duncan then contacted you first thing and thank you to my absolutely wonderful dad for going out to meet you where it all happened, you found it and we too were absolutely amazed!!!

Duncan and I can not even begin to describe the words to thank you enough for finding my wedding ring. After only being married for a couple of months I could not believe I had lost it already. I was absolutely devastated to say the least. It was already such luck finding my engagement ring after also dropping it in the ocean on the same day, but to have you find my wedding ring the day after (and 3 or 4 high tides later) was nothing short of a miracle!!! My beautiful hubby and amazing family had searched for hours all day and into the night until we could no longer see the sand beneath us for my wedding ring and with no luck that day Duncan never have up hope and promised me he would get it back to me no matter what it took. He was prepared to go back the next day and the day after that and everyday at low tide and search for it until it was found (Thank goodness we found you though and didn’t need to do that). I could not believe it when dad came into work and he had my ring. I was just speechless and couldn’t help but burst into tears! I actually still can’t believe it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the trip out to Bribie to search for my ring. And to find it in only a short few minutes was just incredible! Someone was definitely looking out for us that day!

Thanks again Justin.

Natalie and Duncan.”

See below for video of the recovery!



Lost to the angry sea…? 06-01-15

Parsa called me to say he had lost his wedding band in the surf at Coolangatta beach on the Gold Coast. He said he was almost waist deep in the water when his ring just slipped off in to the salty froth. He has recently lost some weight and coupled with cold water it was the usual recipe for disaster. Parsa was also dentist and so needed a loose ring because he had to remove it every day for work. These are notoriously the most difficult types of recovery jobs, especially if you have to actually detect in the surf. I studied the tides and knew the best chance was to hit it about an hour before low tide when the water would have dropped by about 50cm from when Parsa and the ring had become separated.

I rang a colleague, Craig to help me with the recovery as I knew there would be a lot of difficult ground to cover. We met his wife Monica on the Coolangatta beach (Parsa was on his first day back at work after the Christmas break and would try and meet us later). Monica told us that they had only been married 2 years. She was studying here and so they both moved over from Western Australia. Coolangatta was Parsa’s favourite beach in the world and the ring meant everything to them. Parsa had even put a small diamond in it as his trademark. We would do everything we could to try and reunite them with their priceless 18k gold wedding band.

Monica pointed to the rough area where she thought she saw him lose the ring. Luckily the area was mostly now exposed wet sand and so at worst we would only have to detect in fairly shallow water. Craig and I set up a huge grid by dragging a long steel recovery scoop along in the sand. Craig started in the lower section while I concentrated on the higher part of the beach, we would meet in the middle.

After an hour we had covered the whole grid and even expanded each side. We were not particularly hopeful because there was a very strong current pushing north and we thought the ring could potentially have been dragged 100s of meters away. We did find a few other bits and pieces, including a necklace, earrings and pieces of aluminium so there was still a small chance of it being close.

I thought I might bring Monica over to have another look at the area and see if she remembered any landmarks to help us hone in on the target zone. When she came down she thought perhaps it might have been a little closer to the rocks. So we set out another large grid right next to our old previously detected ground. Off we went again. After another hour we were getting quite close to the edge of the grid and we had all but given up hope. Monica, who had been sitting nervously on the beach for almost 3 hours was also looking glum. But just as Craig got to the last corner of our grid a beautiful sound came out of his headphones. I saw him excitedly digging away and quickly pressed record on my video sunglasses, I really hoped this was it. (video footage coming soon!)

By the time I had walked over, Craig was rubbing something between his fingers… Gold! It was a small shiny gold ring and at first we thought it was too small to be a man’s wedding band… we needed to find the small signature diamond to be sure. There was nothing on the outside, so Craig was briefly disappointed until he spotted something interesting on the inside of the ring… there was a little mark…the mark was a tiny little diamond! I called Monica over and asked her where on Parsa’s ring they had placed the diamond, she said on the inside! We had found the ring, against all the odds. Handing it over to Monica, she was over the moon. She said how sentimental it was to them and how if it wasn’t recovered she was not sure if Parsa would ever come back to his favourite beach again. Parsa called me personally to tell me how thankful he was that it had been found and that if I ever needed dental work to let him know. My father has just retired so I might just take you up on that offer Parsa…

Channel 9 news and Today show footage of the recovery below.

Today Show


Original extended video



29-12-14 $12000 uninsured engagement ring returned!

Daniel called me to say his fiancée Louise was getting out of the car at a friend’s house during a storm and she had animatedly thrown her arms in to the air when her then wet engagement ring suddenly flung off her finger somewhere in to the dark night. Their wedding date was set for August and this was completely devastating to the newly engaged couple. Not only that, the ring was worth $12,000 and wasn’t yet insured! It was certainly not the Christmas they were hoping for.

Daniel and Louise were up all night with torches, pulling garden beds apart. They spent all of the next day searching for it. Still unable to find it, they were desperately looking at all the options when they came across my website and gave me a call. I wasn’t too far from them and within the hour I was at Ormeau ready to start the search. I got Louise to re-enact what had happened that night so I had more of an idea of trajectory and angles. I immediately covered the grass near the car, but they thought it was more likely somewhere within a very densely planted garden bed with thick plants and a network of hundreds of roots right near where they had parked on that fateful night. The vegetation was so thickly packed it was almost impossible to get the head of the metal detector inside and down to the roots. I did as much as I could, sweeping the tops of the plants in case it had been captured within the leaves. Nothing. I knew it would be down to my trusty pin pointer. This small hand held detector can get to the smallest spaces and has been the reason for so many successful recoveries, no matter how difficult the terrain might have been.

I started poking it in, around, under and over the network of roots. I had to stand waste deep in bushes, parting them and delving in to be able to get deep enough. I finished one side of the garden bed, and had almost finished the other side. A feeling of dread was slowly coming over me. There were plenty of small gaps that I couldn’t even get to and hope was slowly fading away. Then just before the sun set, a perfect shrill noise blasted from the little pin pointer. Digging under a thick root a flash of white gold shone out. There it was! I called Louise over and she gasped. It was a magnificent ring, the huge diamond continually sparkling away. Daniel also could not believe it, instantly shaking my hand and offering me a beer. There was a huge sigh of relief all round. The couple could finally relax and look forward to their big day only a few short months away knowing the special ring was back where it belonged.

As I drove home a beautiful rainbow greeted me… I was off to find more gold, this time a huge pot of the stuff.

Here is some quick footage to show you the size of the rock!



11-12-14 Evelyn of Maleny dances with joy as her engagement ring is returned

Evelyn said she stalled and stalled getting me out to look for her engagement ring because if I didn’t find it all hope was gone. She would rather remain without it but still have hope that it would be found, than for me to come out and tell her it was gone forever – it meant that much to her. It was a family heirloom, an exquisite ruby and diamond gold ring from London, made in the 1800s!

Evelyn had lost her engagement ring on her wedding day at her beautiful property up in the mountains of Maleny. The ring was a very tight fit and so she couldn’t quite get it on her wedding finger properly during the ceremony and so put it on her little finger until she had a better chance to get it on at a later time (the fatal mistake!).

One thing leads to another and before she knew it she was dancing at the reception when she noticed it was no longer on her finger! They spent hours and hours crawling over the grass the following day but it just could not be found. It meant so much to her and husband Graham that I just simply could not fail them.

Watch below to see what happens next!



A Happy Customer

Brian sent me a nice text only a few hours after purchasing a new Tesoro Compadre off me.

“Hey mate thanks for your service today. Took the compadre to a park I know on the way home. 1976 1c coin first and then a 1951 florin! All in half an hour. I have always liked simple, tonal machines. .. I’m happy, thank you.”

He’s well on his way!



Rolling in the hay – Raceview – 26/10/14

Anthony called me to say he’d lost his wedding ring while laying straw over a garden bed. He had spent a lot of time pulling the hay apart trying to find it but unfortunately had no luck. He desperately wanted it back, it was very sentimental to him and his wife. They had all but given up and were just about to call their insurance company when they came across my website. This was their last hope.

Out I came. It was a very hot day so we pushed it back to 3pm. Anthony showed me the area, a raised garden bed about 1.5 meters high. There were steel girders between the planks which caused my main machine quite some problems, but I detected between them as best as I could, hoping the pin pointer could get closer if need be. I didn’t have to worry for too long. Within a few minutes I picked up an interesting noise that I thought was a little too far out from the girder to be interference. I went straight in with the pin pointer and with it beeping like crazy out came Anthony’s shiny gold ring. We were both very surprised at how quickly it had been found and returned. A quick job is a good job!

See the video of the find below:



$60,000 – that’s the key! 08-10-14 – Brisbane City

Some construction workers were in dire straits. They had lost the Master Key to a whole high-rise building. The replacement cost… $60,000. This outrageous price is mainly because the owners would have to change every single lock in the entire skyscraper. If the Master Key was found, someone could use it to enter the building through any entry point they chose. It would be a security nightmare.

The job was passed to me by a concrete x-ray company. The machines they used just would not work in such an environment so they needed me out on site with a suite of my metal detectors to try and recover this very expensive key.

I could tell the construction workers were in serious panic mode. More than a few heads would roll if the key wasn’t found. The problem was that they thought it was lost within about 1 meter deep of foundation sand they had been working on out the front of very tall city skyscraper. It was about 10 meters long and 5 meters wide and they had been building it up for the last few days. Full of building scrap and steel reinforcing bars, it wasn’t going to be an easy task. I asked them if they had another key just like the one lost so I could see exactly what number it would read on my machine. This is so I could program my detector to only beep when a similar target was hit. They said there was one other key currently in a safe (perhaps where the other one should have been!) and they’d go get it. They returned with the only other replica Master Key and I waved my machine over it, 75 it read every single time.

I started detecting the whole area. My machine, only set to read a very small window (or “notch” in detecting speak) around the 75 range still beeped like crazy. I marked the spots of interest while a construction worker dug them behind me. It was hard work, with such an active and metal clad area, I had to be careful. I scanned the entire target zone, but sadly the key was nowhere to be found. My machine would only find a key like that to 30-40cm down so I told the guys not to stress too much as it just wasn’t within the top 30% of the sand. I said that they would now have to excavate another 30-40cm of sand and I’d do a penultimate sweep. If it still wasn’t found, they’d have to remove a final 30-40cm and I’d do the last scan.

They told me they would definitely get to work on the area, and get me back out again shortly. They had 60,000 reasons to do everything and anything in their power to get it back! I’ll keep you updated on my progress. My fingers are very much crossed for them (and myself!). This Key is key!



27-09-14 Spring Hill

After noticing I had 8 missed calls from a number, I rang back to talk to a frantic lady who had lost her engagement ring. Salina had an argument with her fiancé Daniel and he had thrown the ring towards a garden bed. After instantly regretting that decision, they both tried desperately to find the missing ring. For 4 hours they looked while all the time still trying to get hold of me. Finally they did and I came out as quickly as I could.

Salina and Daniel were out from Colombia on a working holiday Visa where he had recently proposed to her while on a gondola down on the Gold Coast. I told them I was wearing my new 1080p video glasses and that I’d hope to film some of the recovery.

They reenacted the scene before I began my search so I had a better idea where to start looking. Garden beds next to main roads are are always littered with foreign metal objects and I quickly dismissed the first half dozen signals. Within about 5 minutes from my initial search I caught out of the corner of my eye what I thought was a glimmer through the leaves, in went my trusty pin pointer as it started excitedly beeping away. There is was! Selina instantly burst in to tears of joy. She was unbelievably happy and so too was Daniel. I managed to catch their wonderful reaction on video (see below).

She said it had been the most horrible day and that they had to cancel all their plans to try to find the missing ring. To see such raw emotion was extremely moving. This is the reason why I love what I do.

From top to bottom:

1. The moment I plucked the ring out of the leaves
2. Salina overcome with emotion
3. Daniel also ecstatic!
4. The engagement ring, back where it belongs

Watch the video below when I reunite the couple with their lost engagement ring!



From top to bottom:

1. The large dirt mound where sadly, the horse was buried
2. Out with my 18″ coil to cover as much area as possible. A couple of Karen’s other horses, missing their companion
3. The direction of the shooter
4. Geoff helping to find the murder bullet
5. My heart jumped finding this lead item, just a lead head nail unfortunately.

17-09-14 Warrill View – Lost Treasures’ first murder investigation

Karen called me to say that her horse had been murdered a few nights before. It had been shot on an angle, the bullet penetrating through its side and coming out its rear. The police mapped out the crime scene, determined roughly where the horse was standing when it was slain, based on the blood splatter patterns in the paddock. They also worked out the direction of the shooter and that the caliber of the bullet was a .308 based on the size of the wound found in the deceased.

Their neighbour apparently had a visitor from Brisbane stay over and he had gone out that night to shoot kangaroos. He was their main suspect. The Police visited the neighbour’s property and found a .308 rifle that matched the caliber of the bullet in question. They now only needed to find the bullet and match it to the gun. This was where Lost Treasures came in. We were more than happy to do all we could to help bring the perpetrator to justice. Karen and her family were out on this night and the poor horse apparently took a few hours to die and had walked around bleeding over a lot of the property.

After driving out Karen walked us to where the police had determined was the most likely spot the horse had been hit. We were shocked at how close the paddock was to their house (and their 3 children) and how utterly irresponsible the shooter must have been. We knew however looking at the surroundings that it was going to be a very difficult job. The slope of the hill from where the shooter was positioned meant that the bullet was on the rise. It went through the horse’s spleen and other soft tissue and so it was difficult to tell how much inertia the flesh had removed from the projectile. If it had hit some bone, it may have still been inside the horse, or at least reduced its speed by such an amount it should have been quite close to the target area. This didn’t happen, so the surface area we needed to cover was going to be huge.

We started working a grid formation, moving further out until we got to the boundary of their property. I used the 18″ mono coil to cover as much ground as possible, where my colleague Geoff used an 11″ DD coil. We continued the sweep the area, at one point my heart jumped when I found a lead artifact, I initially thought I had it, but on closer inspection it turned out to be a lead head nail. We were told that if we did find it, to leave it exactly where it was for the police to analyse at a later date.

After a few hours, we had completely scanned the paddock. I began thinking about the night in question, surely when a horse gets shot it would bolt immediately and then when it feels safe again, stop. This is where a lot of the blood would then appear as it would pool around this area while the horse stood recovering from panic and obviously still in immense pain. We tried a slightly wider area, but Karen decided we had done enough and that the bullet must simply have gone a lot further, or hit the horse in a different area to the one we were investigating. She had still wanted to give it a good go and try to find the missing piece of evidence.

The main suspect was due to appear at the local police station later that day, hopefully he’d finally admit his guilt and the family could be compensated at least in a small way. We will keep you updated! Lost Treasures is always happy to help the police in what ever capacity is needed. Lost Treasures already supplies their forensics departments with the latest machines and hope our relationship continues to grow well in to the future.



15-08-14 Meadowbrook

Matt called me to say that he needed help in finding a silver stash he had buried in the garden a few years before. He had buried a couple of kilograms of silver deep in the ground (possibly up to 60cm or more down) and did not want to have to dig up a huge area, especially considering it was a rental property that he shared with other people.

He picked a day when he knew all his other housemates would be at work. They had no idea what was buried in the backyard or how valuable it was and Matt wanted to keep it that way! So out I came with 3 different machines. I knew that I might ultimately need my pulse induction machine coupled with an 18 inch coil to find something that deep. He took me around to the area where he roughly remembered burying the hoard. The tree nearby had changed shape dramatically over the years and it had completely confused him to where he had exactly buried the treasure. I started with my smaller coiled machines, hoping they would still be able to pick it up more accurately. The larger the coil the more chances of picking up multiple targets as lawns are notorious for gathering a plethora of items over the years. First the 9″ DD coil… nothing of note… then the 11″ DD coil, still nothing that matched silver at depth. I was hoping he hadn’t buried it deeper than he thought as I only had the 18″ left. I started swinging the beast around the tree and surrounding areas. It was certainly music to our ears when shortly after, the perfect signal rung out through the headset. I was very confident that it was picking up the silver cache deep underground. I marked the spot and Matt said he would have to dig it another time as he was getting nervous about when one of his flatmates might be coming home.

I got a call from Matt 2 weeks later telling me that he had successfully recovered the silver and that it had been directly under the spot I had marked. He was extremely grateful because it had saved him hours of digging and possible detection of his secret activity. This was really a case of Lost Treasure – X marks the spot!



18-08-14 Kedron

Lachlan called me to say he had lost his wedding ring in mulch he was laying down at his rental property. His tenants had vacated and he was trying to make the garden look more attractive by laying down straw across a large garden bed that took up most of the back yard. It was at some point during this he noticed his precious wedding ring was no longer on his finger!

He tried to search for it, but the matching colour of the straw and the ring made it impossible. It could also have been deep within the new mulch. I came over and he showed me where he thought the most likely areas it would be. I started immediately. Boom! A nice signal straight away, we both thought this might be one of the quickest jobs in history. Sadly no. It was a fresh bottle top. Lachlan didn’t know what carat of gold the ring was, and said he thought there was some white gold on it too. This meant I had to keep my discrimination settings wide open. Each metal gives off its own conductivity reading which is converted to a number on screen (0-99). For my particular machine 9 carat gold comes in the high 50’s, 18 carat the high 70s. White gold can be even higher as it contains a lot of silver (along with other alloys), which is one of the most conductive metals there is (along with copper).

Boom, another hit… our hearts jumped once again. Another bottle top. After about 40 bottle tops the landlord certainly knew what his tenants main past time was. In fact, we found whole hoards/caches of bottle tops in small midden piles under the fresh hay. Far from being one of the quickest jobs, it ended turning up to be an exercise in rubbish removal.

We were getting close to the back edge of the area where he first noticed the ring was missing and we were getting concerned. After pockets of bottle tops, ring pulls and screw caps it was still nowhere to be found. I took my machine to the edge of the search zone and gave it a few thorough sweeps. Yet another bottle top signal rang out at 78, I thought, oh well, what’s one more to add to the pile. Pulling the hay apart and with my pin pointer beeping away, this was one target I was happy to get wrong, for it was no bottle cap this time but Lachlan’s shiny white and gold wedding band!

Lachlan was extremely grateful and thanked me very much for my services. We thought it was definitely now time for a drink ourselves but on this occasion the bottle tops would find themselves safely in the bin!



29-07-14 McDowall

Marcus called me to say he had lost his wedding ring in a sandpit at a local Kindergarten while he was playing with his son. I came the next day equipped with my trusty machine, pin pointer and digging equipment. All the staff knew what had happened and were excited that there was a chance of getting his ring back. The kids were even more fascinated and constantly came up to me, babbling or even asking what I was doing.

Marcus showed me the first of two areas where he thought it might be. The ring had been loose on his finger and he reenacted where he was digging with his son in a large sandpit. The staff said it was only just a day before that 1.5 feet of new sand had been put on top of the old pit. Had he lost it before then it would have been a lot more difficult to find. I started by removing all the toys from the surface and carefully emptying buckets and containers of their sand contents just-in-case it had found its way in there. I started sweeping the area. Instantly I got a great hit – my heart jumped. It was nothing but a toy car. In fact my nerves started to settle down 3 toy cars later. Some coins, charms and a various assortment of metal toys continued to be uncovered. Still no ring. I completed the whole of the sand pit, nothing.

Marcus then took me to another spot not too far from the pit where he had dusted off his son. A full sweep again revealed little of value. We started scratching our heads. Marcus went off for a walk to try to clear his mind, he was obviously very distraught – hope was fading. I started detecting around the cracks of the large boulders that enveloped the sandpit to then go even further out to the surrounding areas. I was not feeling very positive, I had literally detected every inch of ground that was available. As a last resort I decided to use my little pin pointer wand to check this tall tuft of grass that was meters from the target zones. This was probably the last thing I could try. BEEP BEEP BEEP! My pin pointer screamed at me… I spread the grass and could not believe my eyes. My heart didn’t jump this time, it stopped!

Marcus was solemnly sitting on a boulder staring dejectedly in to the distance. I called him over, trying to act all nonchalant and asked “Can you come and have a look at this please”. He walked over, I parted the grass again and saw his eyes literally pop out of his head. There nestled at the bottom of the blades, a shiny white gold wedding band glistened. He could just not believe it. How his ring could have traveled so far from where he had dusted off his son was unbelievable (see image 3). Time and time again rings seem to defy the laws of physics and end up huge distances from where the owner believes them to be.

He called the staff over to see it still in situ before it was safely back on his finger where it belonged. He thanked me and was extremely appreciative. Marcus was now heading straight to the nearest jeweller to get his wedding band resized!

From top to bottom. 1. Marcus, my machine and the tuft of grass in front of the sandpit where he thought he had lost his ring. 2. Peek-a-boo we see you! 3. Marcus showing where he had dusted off his son – you can see how far away the tuft of grass was from where he had been standing 4. Marcus looking a lot happier! 5. The ring back where it belongs.



21-07-14 Ascot

Andrew called me to say his father had lost his wedding ring in the garden while he was laying mulch under hedges that surrounded the house. The scrub turkey was always making a mess and so he was tidying everything up when he noticed his ring was missing a few hours later! The ring had been on his finger for over 20 years, he and his wife were devastated.

I came over and Andrew showed me where his father had been working and what he had been doing. These were very tall hedges with only a small gap underneath – it wasn’t going to be an easy job! I had to extend my detector stalk, crouch and fan the machine using two hands. In small tight spots I had to reach in and use my hand held pin pointer to get to these hard spaces. I finished one whole side of the garden. A few coins, lead head nails. Andrew and his friend were bottling some homebrew they had made in the back garden while I worked. There were no celebratory drinks just yet! I completed the rear hedge and garden beds, still nothing. I was halfway along the last side when I overheard Andrew talking to his father – telling him it hadn’t been found so far. I could hear how distressed he was that it still hadn’t been located. The father asked Andrew to keep an eye on me, in case I wasn’t being honest!

Towards the end of the last hedge, I was feeling a little down, there wasn’t much left to do. I was in the section where the scrub turkey normally made the most mess. I thought it could have raked it anywhere and was willing to extend my search area. But just before the end of the hedge, a perfect 18 carat white gold pitch struck my ears from my trusted machine. Almost completely on the surface under a single layer of leaves, there it was! Andrew was ecstatic and was sincerely thankful. He couldn’t wait to tell his father the good news over some fresh homebrew later that evening. Cheers!

Andrew didn’t want to be on camera, but was happy to model his father’s ring for me in his absence.



26-06-14 Indooroopilly

Bernard called me to say he had lost his wedding ring of 40 years! It was getting late and I knew there wouldn’t be much light left so I raced over there to help him try to recover this very sentimental wedding band (and to save him from any continuing wrath from his wife). I’ll let Bernard tell more of the story, as he sent me a very nice testimonial:

What a day was last Tuesday! I was most distressed when I realised my wedding ring was missing. I knew where it was; where I had been gardening on a very overgrown and tangled area at the top of a retaining wall. But you answered my call incredibly promptly. Not only that, I had the ring back on my finger a very short time after you arrived. It was lodged well inside a clump of lomandra; i would have been very lucky to find it on my own. It was a difficult site as there was a lot of metal around, but your sensitive equipment and can-do attitude meant that it was located. Thank you very much for coming out and for finding something that would have been impossible to replace.

Thank you for the kind words Bernard. It was a difficult job and when I saw the environment I was not hopeful at all. I quickly scoured the lower retaining wall with my machine and pin pointer, along with clumps of weeds he had piled up post gardening. Unfortunately no luck. Bernard was pretty sure however that it was more likely on the top wall. So we climbed up this steel grating to get up to the top level retaining wall which was about 3 meters off the ground and was extremely narrow – only about a meter across with a metal fence one side and steel reinforced concrete on the other, rendering my metal detector almost useless. I ended up having to use my pin pointer along the ground and inside the bushes (pin pointers are small hand held metal detectors that have a small range and so don’t pick up as much interference as the larger metal detector). It was also rapidly getting dark, and one wrong step would have seen me fall 3 meters on to the patio below! So treading carefully in the fading dusk, I frantically waved the detector wand around as quickly as I could. False beep after false beep. With minutes to spare, I heard an interesting sound as it brushed through this clump of lomandra (thanks for letting me know what it was Bernard!). I buried the pin pointer inside the leaves and it screamed louder and louder. Parting the fronds, there nestled at the bottom of the stems was the missing ring staring back at me!

It was a lucky find and honestly in another few minutes and it would have been too dark to safely continue. Bernard was completely elated (so too was the inquisitive neighbour watering her garden next door). Bernard said he and his wife could finally relax after some of the most stressful moments of their lives. 4 decades of history was now firmly back on his hand, another great result for Lost Treasures.



18-06-14 Albany Creek

Ashley called to tell me that she had lost her diamond encrusted gold wedding ring when she had thrown a ball for their dog. She and her husband Alex were devastated as the ring had been made from Alex’s father’s ring and so was extremely sentimental to them. Alex also had part of his wedding band made from the same ring, it had been melted down, pairing the two. He told me that it was very frustrating as she never normally threw the ball left handed and of course, the ONE time she did… They had spent hours on their hands and knees scouring the lawn to try to find it, even getting a torch out at night to see if they could pick up the shine.

Ashley couldn’t be there at the time so I met Alex at their property. He reenacted the throw and I went to work. There were a lot of signals, most too deep. I used my pin pointer to tell how deep the signals were so I could spend time on only shallow targets. Alex helped me search. Pull tab after pull tab – apparently Alex and his brother used to drink around a fire in the back yard right in the middle of the search zone. The fire was now gone, but not the surrounding ring pulls. Not the type of rings we were after!

I went over the area again and again, widening my search. I had to use my pin pointer near the steel reinforced concrete patio as my detector would scream if it got within a foot and a half (the pin pointer is less sensitive and could get a lot closer to the concrete before beeping). Still nothing. We were beginning to despair. Alex said that if I couldn’t find it they were willing to hire an excavator, dig and sift the entire lawn – it meant that much to them. I could not give up yet. Wider and wider I went, still nothing. I wondered if she may have lost it earlier and that when she threw the ball she subconsciously noticed no hard ring pressure against it and so assumed she had lost it then.

Alex then told me to give one more area a try. This was a long distance from the target zone and we knew we were clutching at straws. This area was at complete right angles to the area in question and about 6 meters from the edge of the zone. Within seconds a perfect crisp signal – there it was hidden in the grass. I had found it! In the most unlikely place, miles from where we had just spent 2 hours carefully looking. I ushered Alex over, he did not believe me. I eventually had to literally touch the ring for him to see it – he could not believe his eyes. He said he had put a $100 bet with Ashley that I would not find it. He was elated. He said he wanted to make his wife wait a little, tease her that I hadn’t been successful before texting her a photo of the recovered ring. He wanted to help teach her a lesson so she would be more careful next time! It had put them through so much stress for 3 days, it was all they talked about. Ashley had made Alex look for it every spare second he had for the last 36 hours.

We could not work out how the ring arrived at its final resting place, the physics was impossible, but there it was! I mentioned about getting the ring resized so it wasn’t so loose. Alex told me she was pregnant and so wanted to wait until after the birth of their child before it was altered. I’m glad all 3 of them had the precious ring back, another great feeling for everyone involved. I love this job.

From top to bottom. 1. Alex, ecstatic to finally hold his wife’s ring (forged from his own father’s wedding band). 2. There it is! (The cheeky dog makes a cameo – it was his love of chasing balls that had caused this in the first place ;) ) 3. You can see how hard it is to find rings in grass (no matter how short it is) 4. X marks the spot – you can see how far it is away from the “throw zone” – amazing.



11-06-14 Karalee

Amanda called me to say that her husband had lost his wedding ring over the weekend. It was an invaluable family heirloom because it was his father’s wedding band and sadly he had recently passed away. They were devastated. He had lost the ring after a large night at the Karalee Hotel and around 3am stumbled out intoxicated and had to vomit in the garden. It was then he felt the ring slip off and heard a single bounce before it disappeared. His friends were already boarding a taxi and so he had to leave in a hurry.

Amanda, her husband and friends came back first thing in the morning and searched and searched. They even hired a metal detector but still no luck. There was a concrete path (with reinforced steel) that would send the machine crazy if it got within a few feet of it. They also said they weren’t even sure they were using it correctly.

We organised a time on the Tuesday for me to come out. She was running late and so I started as soon as I got there. I wanted the best light possible as it was getting on in the afternoon. She had sent me a picture showing the rough location of where he thought he had lost the ring so that I could detect before she got there (picture to the left). I searched the garden beds, finding the odd coin and usual suspects. It was outside a pub so there were plenty of ring pulls and bottle tops to keep me on my toes.

I suspected it was close to the concrete path. This was always a difficult area to detect due to the interference from the reinforced steel. I had to alter the settings on my machine to negate this. Within about a minute, I heard a really nice signal about a foot or so from the path. I brushed away a few inches of leaves and instantly saw the gold sheen! I was thrilled, knowing how much this meant to them. I didn’t touch the ring as I wanted to film it.

I was walking back across the car park to my car when Amanda drove in. She opened the door and asked how I went. I opened my hand. She started tearing up and could not contain her joy. It is for moments like this that I do this job. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to return something priceless like this. To see such raw emotion when you hand and item like this back is very powerful.

She said that she thought they’d never see the ring again and that it would be going straight in to the safe as soon as she got home! The ring was sized for her husband’s father and so was always on the loose side. The father’s passing was obviously very painful, but to have his lost ring back in their hands was a very special moment indeed.

I took some short video of finding the ring and Amanda after I had returned it.


31-05-14 Caloundra

Chris called me to say that he had lost his wedding band in either of two places. He was hoping it was lost in his back garden while he was tending to his chickens. He had been stacking grass and doing general maintenance when he noticed it was missing off his finger! The other place it could have been was a large area where he had been collecting firewood. This would have been almost impossible to detect. So he was praying it was in the yard somewhere.

His wife did not speak to him for the first 3 days and things had been tense for the next few weeks so I really needed to get this ring back for their sanity!

I travelled up from Brisbane to Caloundra (one of my favourite places to holiday) on a overcast and showery morning. Chris showed me the vicinity of where he had been working that day. I started immediately, at first finding aluminium screw caps and a little boat charm. I dug quite deep targets just to be safe – as many rings I’ve recovered in the past have been much deeper than initially thought possible for such a short time frame. It is amazing how with a bit of rain and heavy feet how far down rings can go.

It had only been about 15 minutes but there had already been a serious amount of signals. Gardens are notorious for congregating a mass of metallic objects over the years. I wanted to hone in on the correct targets so asked Chris if he had any other gold that was made with, or similar to the ring he had lost. He told me his wife had some jewellery made from the same gold and went off to ask her to get it. She was on her way when suddenly I got a great signal. I instantly pulled back some grass, scraped away a couple of inches of soil and bingo! The beautiful gold shone through the soil. It was Thai gold, which normally means it is 20 carat+ as Chris had told me. He was elated. He instantly called out to his wife who came running. It was wonderful to see their reaction.

A few days later, Chris emailed me with these kind words to say:

I lost my gold wedding ring in the backyard about 3 weeks before I contacted Justin to come up and search for it.

After he arrived I showed him where I thought it was and he started to search for it.Being an old residence there was a lot of beeping going on, with old metal bottle tops and a fence, so Justin asked if we had something made from similar gold.I went to get some off my wife and when I got back he didn’t need it as there on the ground pushed into the dirt was my ring.

I was stoked as 4 people had searched and searched the area for a hours with no luck.

So I couldn’t recommend Lost Treasures and Justin highly enough.Thanks again



27-05-14 Brisbane

Sergeant Richie Callaghan from Cleveland Forensics Police Section called Lost Treasures to say that the police needed to upgrade all their old metal detectors. He said that he was organising this for different stations all over Brisbane. We were only too happy to help. Metal detectors are invaluable for forensic teams as a tool in helping recover a host of crime artifacts. He had these kind words to say about us:

Thank you for your professional and courteous service, we required bounty hunter detectors and they were delivered expediently and well within our required time frame.

Sgt Ritchie Callaghan Cleveland Forensics Section.

We have now supplied stations all over the greater Brisbane area and we are very much looking forward to having an important ongoing relationship. Lost Treasures is honoured to help in whatever capacity the police force may require.


16-05-14 Lockyer Valley

Russell called me to say that he had a lost bore hole pipe somewhere in his field. The bore hole pipe would be about 6 inches in diameter and about 25 meters long going straight down through the ground to tap in to the table water. It would help greatly in irrigation and certainly increase the value of his property if it could be found. He had a map which showed the rough location of where it was last known to be. Russell had also hit something with his ripper (see picture) awhile back while getting his field ready for planting – but thought nothing of it at the time. Later he concluded that it might have actually been the bore pipe – the problem was it would have been almost a meter down!

I got a team together to try and help him find this deep pipe. I had to pull out the largest metal detector coil I had in my arsenal – an 18 inch mono coil. This would detect large objects like the bore pipe to a meter or more. I also involved a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) unit to help with this difficult task. The GPR machine was one of the latest to be released (worth over $40000) and could pick up readings down to 6 meters. With the Lockyer Valley being so rich in clay, these depths for both my detector and the GPR machines would certainly be tested. Clay is one of the densest substrates and notoriously hard to penetrate with radar technology.

Russell used his ripper to form a grid pattern in the vicinity of where he thought he remembered hitting something large. We would then move up and down these rip marks so we covered the ground completely. The area he wanted scanned was considerable, a 70m x 40m section of his field. I went ahead of the the GPR machine and marked any hits I received with my metal detector. I’d spray marking paint on my targets so the GPR operator could then go over the mark. The idea was that if my detector hit then matched the readout on his screen (see picture) then Russell could mark it with a stake to dig it later with his machines.

After many hours we had covered the area he wanted us to initially investigate. There were a couple of targets the metal detector and GPR machine matched and so hopefully one of them is the missing bore hole! There is still another large area we may need to go back and investigate – but we will keep you posted on the results. It was certainly an interesting day out and shows how combining modern technology can do things once only imagined in science fiction books!

Images from top to bottom:

1. Two machines working together, my top of the line metal detector with 18″ coil and a brand new twin antenna Ground Penetrating Radar unit.

2. Russell on his tractor with the ripper that can scour the soil down to a meter – the same ripper that hit what he thought may have been the bore pipe.

3. + 4. I went ahead of the GPR machine to pick up targets and mark them with spray paint. The GPR could then go over these marks and try to match my signal with a target on the GPR screen (image 6).

5. Russell continued to use the ripper on his tractor to mark out a grid pattern of shallow trenches so we could follow and cover the full area he wanted investigated.

6. The on screen GPR result of a vertical anomaly – hopefully the missing bore pipe!

7. Some very deep GPR hits were also marked so that Russell could go back and dig them at a later date.



26-04-14 Markos – Toowong

Markos called me needing my help to recover a small bag that his girlfriend had lost near their house the night before. The bag had a long metal chain attached and they thought my metal detector might have a good chance of recovering it in the bushes and undergrowth. They were just play wrestling along a path at the side of their unit complex when the bag suddenly flung off in to the night. They instantly went in to panic mode as the bag contained her passport, all her cards and forms of identification as well as quite a sum of money. He said he thought it was a Louis Vuitton!

They spent hours with torches trying to locate it but eventually gave up to try again at first light. It was a public path to a huge block of flats and so they didn’t want an early morning passer-by to pick it up. So the next morning again they looked, even venturing next door just in case it somehow flew over the fence. Hours of searching. Nothing.

When I arrived, Markos described the bag to me – a small brown clutch with the classic gold Louis Vuitton style pattern with a long silver chain. The size of the bag would mean that it should be quite visible to the naked eye, even if it was a difficult colour to see. I have had many call outs where my eyes and detective work had become more important than my metal detector skills. I still used my machine to get under thick bushes I couldn’t see through, but I knew that it would most likely be recovered by sight.

It was only a small search area as they knew where it had come off. They had spent hours combing over two nearby garden beds and another over the fence in the adjoining property. I told Markos that I’d do a much wider search as 9 times out of 10 items are much further away that initially thought. Within a number of seconds of my wider search… bingo! I instantly saw it through the foliage about 5 meters from where they had stopped searching. Markos was thrilled but just could not believe how far away it was from where they swore black and blue it would be. He told me that his girlfriend would be over the moon and that he’d definitely call me again if they (or their friends) ever lost anything. Another lost treasure “in the bag”.


From top to bottom. 1. Such long, thick grass makes finding even large items extremely difficult. 2. I’m about to be hugged to death! 3. Behold – the key! 4. Happy travellers Sylvain and Solene can finally be on their way. 15-04-14 Bancroft Park – Kelvin Grove

I received a call from two French backpackers that had lost the key to their car in some long grass in the middle of a park. The pair were travelling around Australia on a budget and so their car was also their home! Sylvain told me that they lost the key 3 days ago and had been stuck living in their vehicle for all that time because they couldn’t afford a locksmith. What made things even worse was that the electric windows were down the whole time (they needed the key to turn the ignition on before they could put them up again). Of course the last few days had been rainy! They were both damp and miserable.

Sylvain came across my website by accident and had no idea a metal detector recovery service existed. He was desperate, they needed to move on in their journey and neighbours were already complaining about their car being there too long and the fact that they were also living in it. They should have been halfway down to Melbourne by now!

I headed over as quickly as I could, knowing these two stuck travellers were completely stranded and really needed to get going as their flights were booked only a week or so away. Sylvain said he was lying in the grass catching some sun when he noticed the car key was no longer in his pocket. It must have slipped out. They combed the grass for hours, even borrowing a rake from someone and trying to see if they could flick it up. The grass was about 4 to 5 inches in length and sadly it was nowhere to be found.

I started doing a grid formation around where he remembered he was lying. Back and forth I went over the whole area, nothing. He assured me that this was where it should have been. I asked him if he was lying on a towel at the time. He said he was and that he threw the towel over his shoulder as he went back to the car. I knew it wasn’t where he thought it was as My XP Deus detector would have screamed at me if the coil had gone over a large object like a car key. I thought the key must have fallen on the the towel and got flicked further away when he flung it over himself. I started increasing my grid both sides. Both Sylvain and his girlfriend Solene had all but given up and wanted me to stop. They both looked pretty depressed. I told them I’d continue for a little longer as I knew from past experience things were often much further away than first thought. We all heard some great targets, our hearts jumping at each one, only to be disappointed every time. Now I too was getting concerned. Then, about 15 meters from where he thought he was lying, a perfect signal beeped out of the machine. I parted the grass and quietly called Sylvain over. There was the key! He started jumping and shouting with joy. I managed to get a quick shot of the key before he grabbed it. After a lot of French hugs and amazement, the tourists could finally move on with their travels around this great land. We exchanged details, they wanted to catch up for drinks before they left. A great afternoon all round, French-Australian international relations have never been stronger!


19-03-14 The Lost Time Capsule – Undisclosed School

I was called upon by a certain school (I have been asked to keep the name anonymous – for obvious reasons) to help them find their lost Time Capsule which had been buried many decades before. They were in a huge panic as they had a large celebration coming up in just over a week’s time, the main part of which was the unveiling of this time capsule! So it was imperative it was recovered, and fast! The school could just not bear to think of the embarrassment if it couldn’t…

There had always been an engraved rock “Here buried below this stone lies our school Time Capsule, buried 1XXX” so they knew exactly where to dig when it was time for it to come to the surface. Unfortunately over the decades, the rock had been moved for various vehicles/construction projects and obviously not been put back on its original spot. So when the groundsman had gone to dig it up, there was nothing but solid dirt.

I came along very early the next morning (so I could get the work done before masses of children arrived). I started in concentric circles from the point of the rock and swept my way further out. I had to set my machine (Teknetics T2LTD) for deep cache mode and swing slowly to have a chance of hitting it as the teachers had heard it was buried reasonably deep. This was all hearsay of course because nobody was still working there when it was buried. Many would actually have passed away by now it had been that long ago. One meter… two meters…three… I kept going wider and wider. I found a few erroneous targets – coins and scrap metal. I was getting a little concerned. Surely a rock this big couldn’t have been moved that far away? By this stage many teachers and a few early students had gathered around to watch the spectacle. I just couldn’t disappoint them. I finally heard a large, deep signal about 5 meters from where the engraved rock stood. My heart jumped. The groundskeeper helped me dig down to see what this might be. It was tough going, with a lot of thick roots and hard soil in the way. I suddenly heard a yelp from the groundsman as he finally saw the corner of the casing on the precious item – we had found it! The crowd was ecstatic, instantly cheering and clapping at the sight of their lost timeless treasure.

The school could finally relax, the time capsule could be unveiled at the celebration after all (unveiled again that is!). The embarrassment was over. Definitely one of my more rewarding call outs.



gold chain found by first time metal detectorist
Click to see a larger version of Geoff’s find.

29-01-14 Geoff, Atherton, QLD

Geoff emailed to say that for years he had always wanted to buy a metal detector, but for whatever reason had never taken the plunge. After some chats on the phone and various emails he decided on the Teknetics Eurotek as a good first time machine. So I couriered one up to Atherton and wished him luck with it.

Only a day later he emailed me to say that he thought he’d try a popular fresh water lake not too far from where he lived. This would be a perfect spot for his first time ever metal detecting. After digging his first two signals, it was on his third dig that he heard a very nice tone on his machine. Digging down he was completely amazed to pull out what can only be described as one of the longest gold chain necklaces I have ever seen. Solid gold. Talk about beginner’s luck! Long may it continue… Geoff was a very happy man.

This just shows how much is out there, that someone with no experience on literally his third dig of all time, could pull out something as valuable and beautiful as that. Not only did he pay off his $200 machine instantly (and then some) but now has a wonderful piece of jewellery he can show friends and family. Something thought lost forever gets to be seen once more, a second life as you will.

This is a similar story to how I became hooked on metal detecting as a hobby. Many years ago, my father and I decided to try out a metal detector on Stradbroke Island one afternoon. I started on the beach and literally within 5 minutes I pulled out a beautiful ornate gold ring. My father instantly said “Now you’re hooked!”. I was, and if that wasn’t enough, out came a silver ring a few minutes later, and a third ring within the half hour. I was blown away and have never looked back since. It is one of the only hobbies that pays you back – not just by lining your pockets with precious metals and coins, but also by returning lost treasures to those that never thought they’d ever be holding them again.




11-01-14 Don Brown, Kenmore, QLD

Don called me to say that while cleaning his pool he went to throw a nearby stick over in to the bushes by his fence. However as he let go of the stick his wedding band flung off at the same time! Wet fingers and rings are always a dangerous combination. The stick was off course and hit the top of the fence breaking in two, one part falling back on his side, the other over the fence. He heard noises on the other side of the fence and assumed it was the sound of the stick and his chunky gold wedding band as it landed in his neighbour’s yard. Ironically just minutes earlier, while he was cleaning the pool another gold ring he was wearing almost came off and he thought “I must be careful, I don’t want to lose a ring”. Of course he was jinxed as soon as this thought crossed his mind.

Don was devastated, it was the only time in 19 years that the ring had ever left his finger!

So I came over (after he got permission for us to hunt in his next door neighbour’s garden) and started detecting the area where he had heard the noise and where the other half of the infamous stick had landed. I scanned the bank, moved all the pot plants, nothing. I continued, widening my search. If experience had taught me anything it was that a lot of lost objects I recovered were much further away than originally thought. Still no luck. I detected inside the pot plants and even in the tree just-in-case it had somehow snagged on the way over.

I told Don that it might not have made it over the fence at all. He assured me it had, but that we’d still go and have a look on his side just to be sure. Back by his pool, things were not looking good, his deck had wide gaps between the boards and it could of fallen between them, lost forever. I got him to reenact exactly where and how he threw the stick. It got me thinking of trajectories and how at varying stages it could have been flung in a much larger arc. I decided to detect down a bank almost at right angles to where he was standing. I thought it would most likely have slipped off at the end of his throw. Unfortunately the area had aluminium girders running along the sides so I was not particularly hopeful. But then I got a hit, a very decent signal just out of range of the edge of the girder, so I knew it was a separate target. There it was, his lost wedding ring! He grabbed it quickly in panic. He could not believe he had it back in his hands. Had it been another inch closer to the girder the signal would have been masked, it was a very lucky find. Don was totally elated and knew he had dodged a bullet, his wife would be over the moon. After an unplanned holiday the 19 year old ring was back where it belonged.



03-01-14 Anonymous, Currumbin, QLD

“John Smith” called me to say that he had tackled his mate in the water of a man made lake at Currumbin at the back of their property. Unfortunately when the tackle took place the friend’s gold and silver wedding band got flung off somewhere in to the depths of the lake. This was the 3rd time he would have lost his wedding band and really didn’t want to tell his wife he had lost it yet again. His wife (and insurance company) would not have been pleased! So I had to find the ring before she saw it missing and found out his secret. Neither wanted to be named or be in any photos just-in-case she somehow came across the Lost Treasures website.

The lake did have a weir system but was still partially tidal so waiting for low tide, I drove down from Brisbane with my father to keep me company (he was going to help also if it was needed). The private lake was only a few years old, completely surrounded by houses. I was taken to their backyard and was shown where the tackle took place. I was assured the lost item would be quite shallow as the tackle took place in only a few feet of water.

I started doing a grid pattern in the shallows but with little luck. I got him to re-enact the tackle and realised that because his hand would have already been wet that the ring could have flung off in to much deeper water. I started going deeper while always on the look out for potential bull sharks. I was reaching the maximum depth I could detect when finally I got a signal. It was so deep I had to start digging it out with my feet (and I’m 6’4″!). It took quite awhile and I wasn’t confident it was the ring as it was quite a way down into the substrate. Surely a ring only lost a few days ago couldn’t be out this far and already down in over 6 inches of sand? I could feel the object at the bottom of the hole with only the tips of my toes. I just managed to grab the object between my big and second toe and bring it carefully to the surface. The always exhilarating flash of gold and silver was exactly what I wanted to see. “John” was amazed as he had little hope it would be recovered, he could not wait to call his friend to let him know that all was well and that he wouldn’t have to file for divorce just yet. Another relieved Justin and another happy customer.



28-11-13 Ashley and Chris, Greenbank, QLD

Chris called me to say that he had lost his wedding band the previous afternoon while he was on his ride on mower. He had bent down to pick up a stick and throw it on to a pile a few meters away. As he threw it he felt his precious band slip off his finger and go flying through the air. He spent hours on his hands and knees going over the area he thought the ring may have landed. They also raked the whole area and sifted everything, still no luck! It got dark and Chris even tried to use a torch to see if he could see anything shimmering. The ring had been hand made along with his wife Ashley’s wedding band and was a one of a kind. Priceless to them both.

I came out and Ashley showed me to the area. It was a huge backyard of many acres. I told her that rings are often found a long way from where they are expected and so I was going to detect in a very large grid pattern to make sure. Over an hour passed and we were were both starting to worry. I decided to walk down to near the metal fence at the back of their property one last time. This area was actually behind the ride on mower and because of this, not an area he had checked. I thought it might have come off on the back swing and so it might have gone behind, not in front. With the metal interference from the fence I would have to be very careful to pick up the signal of a 9 carat gold ring through all the noise.

Ashley told me that he never wears his wedding band while gardening and that of course the one time he does off it goes. She also said they had only last month changed their insurance policy to cover the ring! She had all but given up hope the day before and certainly after I couldn’t find it. Just before I too was about to give up, I heard a strange signal through the constant beeping from the wire fence. There it was! Ashley could not believe it and got Chris straight on the speaker phone to tell him the great news – he was so grateful as the lost ring was destroying him. Ashley said he would not have bought a new ring because it would have just not been the same. I’m glad the one off hand crafted ring is back with Chris and he (and Ashley!) can now rest after such a stressful 24 hours.



02-11-13 Hosanna Farmstay Retreat, NSW

Penny called me to say she had just lost her wedding ring in a lake the day after her wedding, at the wedding venue! She was paddling about in a rubber ring when her new gold band slipped from her sunscreen covered finger down over 4 meters to the bottom of the lake. This was going to be a very difficult job and would require an underwater metal detector and scuba gear!

There was only about 50cm of visibility, so it was completely black under the water, the searching was going to be done blind. Using a rope with one person staying on shore and tugging to keep the diver in a line, a pattern of search arcs were used to try and cover the area completely.

It was hard going with dozens of sunken metal candle holders (for floating candle ceremonies on the lake) setting the detector off constantly. Thick mud, silt and algae enveloped everything at the bottom. It was very easy to get disorientated down there, but with some timely tugs of the attached rope it was back on track. Sadly after an exhausting few hours and one empty scuba tank the ring was nowhere to be found this time, although a second trip is planned. All was not lost though, quite a few other valuable items were brought to the surface including 2 underwater cameras, necklaces, many pairs of sunglasses and even some dog tags. One of the waterproof cameras even still had battery charge!

Hosanna Farmstay said that many people that had lost their items had left their names and phone numbers and that they would be extremely happy to get their items back, thought lost forever! They said we were welcome back anytime to bring up more lost treasures from the depths of the lake.



16-10-13 Matt from Aspley

Matt called me to say that he had competed in a Raby Bay triathlon on the weekend and as he was leaving the swimming stage he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger by this large rock. With 30 competitors right behind him there was no time to look for it or to stop. Matt and his wife were devastated. After the race he spent a good few hours feeling around the oyster and barnacle infested rocks but sadly to no avail.

I went down to Cleveland not knowing what to expect. I saw the rocks and the steep slope and wasn’t particularly hopeful. As soon as we got in to the water the sediment and mud turned visibility to 0. We would have to do this by feel. I cut my foot through my reef boots on an oyster and not long after Matt sliced his finger on another sharp shell. We’d have to do this carefully. There were a lot of signals, none quite 9 carat gold ring quality but we were becoming desperate and dug them anyway. A spoon, 20c, a screw driver and pipes but alas no wedding band.

We could not understand why is wasn’t there. We went deeper and deeper but still nothing. We were about to give up when I asked Matt more about his ring. He then mentioned it was mainly platinum with only gold edging! This changed everything as I was discriminating for 9 carat gold. Platinum would have been discriminated out as it has much lower conductivity than gold which means the detector would not have given a signal no matter how many times the coil was above it. After and hour and a half on the wrong discrimination setting, 10 minutes and the ring was back on his finger! It was certainly worth the frustration and blood to get it back. What a relief for everyone involved.



15-10-13 Micheal from Loganville

Micheal called me to say he had been moving dirt in his bulldozer when it started acting very strangely. He eventually had to stop the machine to find that an important coupling link had broken off and had dropped somewhere into the earth he was moving. It was a very important one-off piece and because his dozer was imported it would have either had to be machined from scratch or made back in the overseas factory, both with a long delay and huge expense.

Micheal searched for hours everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. That night he even had a dream about the coupling link! He thought it was lost forever but wanted to try everything he could to recover it. He came across my website and got me out there, still with little hope it would ever be recovered. The coupling link was back in his hands within 5 minutes. It was buried under 20cm of soil. He could not believe it and was extremely grateful!


08-10-13 Toby from North Brisbane

Toby called me to say that he needed my services with a rather bizarre request. He worked for a catering company and needed me to detect trays and trays of macadamia nut caramel tarts. I was a little amused, but it was all to make sense soon enough. The company had recently purchased a new mixer for mixing large containers of caramel for their desserts. The mixing blades had somehow come in contact with the edge of the aluminium container making indentations in the sides (possibly shearing off little pieces of metal actually in to the caramel).

Toby needed my help in establishing if small pieces of metal had indeed been put in to the mixture which were now in ready-to-serve tarts. There was a room full of these delicious looking (and smelling) desserts. The pieces of metal would be very small so I used my most sensitive machine, my Fisher F75 as I knew this was the only chance of finding them. I asked him to carefully put some baking paper over the top of the tarts so I could get the head of the detector as close as possible to the caramel greatly increasing my chances.

Sure enough the second tray of caramel tarts gave an ominous signal. We cut out the target area and sure enough inside the caramel was the smallest shard of aluminium. I continued detecting different trays of tarts, constantly finding more pieces of the troublesome metal. Toby was disappointed, but was so thankful I had found the metal so he could throw the desserts away so no customers got a nasty surprise in their mouth in a few days time. It could have ruined his business. Another happy(ish) customer!

31-07-13 Marion and Jack from Wilston, Brisbane

Marion called me to say that her husband Jack had lost his wedding band that she had given him over 35 years ago in the garden somewhere. The ring, being so old meant the world to them and they had spent hours and hours scouring the garden. They even hired a metal detector to try to help them find it but they weren’t quite sure how to use it and ended up digging a lot of junk. They had all but given up hope.

When I arrived, Jack immediately showed me the areas the ring was most likely to be, in and around where he had been gardening. I started metal detecting straight away. Within a few minutes I had found an old knife buried within the soil, apparently it belonged to their son many years ago. After a few disappointing digs and about 5 minutes after finding the knife I heard a good strong signal right next to a large boulder, a quick scrape with my fingers and the beautiful gold flash caught my eye! I returned the ring to Marion (Jack had just left for an appointment). She was amazed and overwhelmed with joy, she had all but given up hope that the 35 year old ring was ever to be found again. She went to text Jack, but apparently it didn’t work… so he never heard it had been found. Apparently when he returned later he said to her sadly “I guess the ring wasn’t recovered” assuming the worst because he had not heard anything from Marion. She said smiling… “have a look on your desk”. Jack rang me to say a huge thank you and how happy he was it was back on his finger. I told Marion when I found it that she needs to make sure he wears gloves in the garden from now on, she very much agreed.

25-06-13 Gemma from Murarrie, Brisbane

Gemma called Lost Treasures after losing her brand new client’s keys while they were on holiday. She runs a business as a dog walker and was horrified to find that she had lost the keys to their house while taking their dog for a walk at the park next to their house. She spent hours going over every single bit of ground. The owners were informed while holidaying overseas and Gemma knew that if she didn’t find the keys she’d have to spend hundreds of dollars getting all the locks changed.

I started going over the path she took from the gate through the park. The grass was quite long and so I knew the keys would probably not be visible to the naked eye. I did large arc sweeps to try and cover as much area as I could. Within about 10 minutes after checking each positive signal, there they were hidden just out of view under 4 inch grass! Gemma was so ecstatic that she had to hold back the tears. She could finally relax after fretting for over a day. She said she could not wait to call her clients and let them know the good news so that they too could finally relax on their holiday.

13-05-13 Denis from Albion, Brisbane

Denis called Lost Treasures with an interesting job. He was looking to purchase this commercial building and car park. It used to be a dry cleaning business and apparently still might have had some large chemical tanks under the carpark area. Denis needed to find out f they still existed as anything hazardous on the property would be important to know before going ahead with the purchase.

The chemical tanks were only a foot down and were supposed to be 1.5 meteres x 2 meters in size. I started detecting the carpark in a grid pattern, ignoring any smaller signals (wiring, pipes etc). I managed to find two large hits roughly where Denis thought the tanks should logically be. Using the detector I mapped out the dimensions of the signal which correlated perfectly to the description of the tanks Denis had been given. He was pretty impressed.

I also organised through contacts I have to get a team of ground penetrating radar experts out to the carpark to analyse the two areas of interest I had discovered.

19-03-13 Gary from Hemmant, Brisbane

Gary called me up after returning from a year long retirement holiday only to find out that the family jewellery and heirlooms box he had buried in the back garden to keep it safe wasn’t where he thought he had left it.

Gary was adamant it was in a particular garden bed that he always used to bury it in. I went over the bed many times with the machine, digging up every signal but to no avail. It was a large garden and after many hours of trying different garden beds we were beginning to both scratch our heads. It got to the point where Gary started suspecting the neighbours that watered his garden while he was away. We thought with all the heavy rain over the past year that it might have uncovered the container and the neighbours might have pinched it!

Gary assured me that there was absolutely no chance that he buried the container in the soil on top of a subterranean water tank. I had detected every single other area of the garden so knew I must try this last area for peace of mind. The buried water tank sent the metal detector crazy, so I couldn’t use it. I told Gary that I must check the soil here manually by hand. He told me I was wasting my time as the container was definitely not there. Low and behold after about 3 hours of turning his garden upside down, there the container was, in the only place Gary swore it couldn’t be. So by using my metal detector everywhere else, by process of elimination the container (with thousands of dollars worth of gold and jewellery not to mention old passports and other documents) was safely back in Gary and his very relieved wife’s hands!

Text Message:
Thank u again SOOOOO much. My husband is so happy too & I even rang my mum who lives overseas just to tell her!! Been texting everyone who knew I lost it, people can’t believe it! :) Kept looking at my hand all the way home, really thought I’d never see it again. Thank u thank u a thousand times over. Hands down one of the happiest moments of my life! HAPPY NEW YEAR it is!!! :) thank u! It’s amazing what u do. Ok ok I’m done now. All the best & happy new year :) -Adlyn

03-01-13 Adlyn from Windsor, Brisbane

Adlyn came across Lost Treasures after looking online for tips on finding lost rings.

She was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when she took her engagement and wedding rings off and placed them on her lap. Awhile later she suddenly realised she had forgotten about the rings and could no longer find them on her lap. She got out of the car and instantly found her wedding ring on the seat, but the engagement ring was nowhere to be seen. she and her husband searched the car for hours. With no luck they sent the car to the local dealership to pay them to completely strip the car in a last desperate effort to find it. They had no luck either.

After accidentally finding the Lost Treasures site she called us up, amazed that a service like this was offered. She thought there was a small chance the ring may have fallen out in to some grass when she got out of the car. Unfortunately when we got to the location there was another car parked exactly where hers would have been (the red car in the picture). I could not get close to the car because it sent the detector crazy. I spent a long time detecting all the grass I could but to no avail. I decided to get on my hands and knees and comb the grass and cracks along the gutter with my fingers near the red car where the detector could not go. Adlyn had given up hope by this time, but as I was nearing the very end of my search, near the back left wheel my finger flicked out a beautiful platinum diamond ring. Adlyn could not hold in the tears, she was speechless. The ring meant so much to her. She later sent me a beautiful text messages (left) saying that it was one of the happiest moments of her life.

26-11-12 John from Moorooka, Brisbane

John called Lost Treasures to help find his wife’s lost engagement ring in their back yard in Moorooka.

She had been doing some gardening, watering and throwing bark over beds when she suddenly felt it slip off. They spent hours and hours combing the garden. John even hired a metal detector, but kept digging up odd bits of trash and finally decided to give up. After calling us, he explained the situation and the rough area it should have been. I turned on my detector, set the discrimination, placed the coil on the ground and gave it a few swings. Within about 10 seconds I got a decent signal, dug down a few inches and found the ring. The quickest and easiest job ever!

John was completely amazed and in shock when I placed it in his hand after only being there a few minutes. He could not believe after over 10 hours of looking for it I managed to find it so quickly. He was very thankful because the engagement ring was molded specifically to fit her wedding band and it had a lot of sentimental importance to them both.

02-10-12 Geri from Parkinson, Brisbane

Geri called Lost Treasures to help find her husband’s lost gold wedding band in Parkinson.

He had been working in the garden beds a few days before laying new mulch when at some point during the day it came off his hand. After hours of searching it was still nowhere to be found.

Within 30 minutes of detecting I found it on the edge of one of the garden beds hidden from view under some greenery/bark. Geri was ecstatic and gave me a huge hug and said she’d never thought it would be found and that it was very sentimental to them (the ring had even been blessed!). Geri rang her husband at work straight away to say it had been recovered. She said they could finally enjoy the day!

14-05-2012 Angela from Inala, Brisbane

Angela called me in a very distressed state because her son had just lost her deceased grandfather’s family heirloom pendant while playing at Cj Greensfield sports complex in Inala. He was mucking around in the play ground when he suddenly realised his pendant chain had broken and the pendant was lost.
The play ground was covered in bark and Angela, her son and a few other helpful people spent hours and hours combing the bark to try to find this precious lost item. Angela said they must have spent 6-8 hours with family and friends searching for the pendant. I spent a good 45 minutes going over the area where they thought it might be. I was getting worried, so decided to expand my search to slightly further out in the play ground. I know from experience that many lost items are much further out than where first thought. After about an hour my metal detector gave a decent signal and I saw this small piece of metal in the dust/bark and took it over to her and asked is this it? She screamed and grabbed me, hugging me tight. She thought she had lost her grandfather’s pendant forever.

13-04-12 Faye from St Lucia, Brisbane

Faye called me up to say her husband had lost his ring while gardening and they had spent days looking for it but to no avail. I spent a good hour combing the lawn and garden beds. It was not looking good. Finally we decided to try one last area of piled up leaves. There it was!

Faye was extremely grateful because she had been with her husband for over 20 years but they had only decided to get married last year. They had matching rings made, so finding this and bringing them back together as a pair was well worth the effort!

01-05-12 Bridget from Wavell Heights, Brisbane

Bridget rang me to say her husband was laying drainage pipe in the rain the day before and his gold ring had slipped off somewhere near the pipe. There had been a few days of heavy rain which made the soil turn to mud and they just could not find it again. After less than 30 minutes my trusty machine was able to find it buried in about 2 inches of mud under the pipe. Much to the relief of the family, the ring is now back where it belongs!

01-05-12 Brian from Morningside, Brisbane

Brian called me after losing his big Tiffany ring off a balcony at a party. The party-goers heard it ricochet off the banisters and go down 3 floors to a garden bed below. I tried for close to 2 hours with no luck. I was just about to leave when I thought I’d just try a different garden bed about 10 meters from the bed Brian thought it was in. I found it within a few minutes wedged between the edge of the soil and the concrete surrounding. It must have bounced a very long way. Brian had left for work by then, so I popped it in his letterbox so he could put it back on his finger as soon as he got home.

14-03-12 Rob from Wynnum, Brisbane

Rob called Lost Treasures up to ask for our help. He had lost his wedding band about 3 years ago and it was constantly grating at him. He had hired detectors in the past but had had no luck. I turned up and went over every garden bed, and every patch of lawn. Digging up various lead nails or other pieces of scrap metal. I could not find the ring, but I did manage to find a very old Australian Navy badge deep under the soil. He was thrilled because he actually collected Australian Army memorabilia, and was very happy to add this to his collection. Even though I did not find his ring, he said it was all worth it because of the piece of Australian history he had in his hands.

04-04-12 Alison from Stafford, Brisbane

Alison called us to say she had lost her engagement ring some time the day before and she thought it was could have been in the back garden where she had sun baked for a few hours. She had flicked her towel of grass and thought it might have come off then. I started using my machine in a grid pattern, starting in the areas she thought it was most likely to be. I spent 2 hours going over the lawn again and again. Sadly the ring wasn’t there, but all was not lost, I actually found another beautiful ring she had dropped almost 2 years ago! She was amazed, as she had actually forgotten all about it. I could not return her engagement ring, but was able to at least give something back to help cheer her up.

19-12-11 Dave from Browns Plains, Brisbane

Dave called me to say his wife had lost her wedding ring in the lawn in the back garden while putting out some washing. The grass was overgrown and with the help from their family they desperately tried to find it, but unfortunately the ring never turned up. I could not get to their house until later that night, so armed with bright torches and with light rain falling, I started metal detecting the areas they thought it would be. After about 25 minutes, the machine gave a good signal and the gold ring glistened in the torch light. Rob told his wife to close her eyes and hold out her hand. Another very happy customer!